Bookish Pet Peeves

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                    Bookish Pet Peeves # 1 (Cuz you knew ther'll be more)

I thought I would give voice to these “bookish” pet peeves of mine. Although there is not major reason as to why I should bother myself over them, they irk me. So. Much. Do let me know if I’m the only one yanking my hair out over these issues that need to be resolved for a lot of bookworms’ sanity. Let me know.


Number One: Different covers in a series.

Have you ever come across a certain series that has these beautiful covers, that are so nice and look so good on your bookshelf…and then suddenly the publishers decide to change the cover to something that does not even compliment the previous ones?!

Like, that gets me SO worked up! Why do you want to do that? There is something you obviously don’t understand about the beauty of an orderly, organized, even sized, matching covers in a series bookshelf. Most often, these new covers come in different sizes, and that messes up the arrangement of my bookshelf even more. And yes, I CARE about how the books look on my shelf; and they best be not looking awkward alright?

Have you seen what they’ve done to the shorter versions of The Inheritance Cycle? The dragon’s faces are not even completely shown!!!

Now I'm not one to complain if the new covers are better than the previous ones, and if I have all the new covers. But series changing covers right in the middle? Uh huh. Why?!

Number Two: Cracked Spines and Dog Eared Pages

Most of my friends know how peeved I get when someone cracks the spines of my books. For those of you who don’t know: I DO!

Hardbacks are expensive as hell, and as such, paperbacks are the only option I have when it comes to buying books. Sadly, they don’t seem to come with healthy spines.

I'm here, opening the book as little as I can just so I don’t crack the spine, twisting my head around to read the words that are closer to the spine, and there are you, inconsiderate little you, who bend the book in half or twist the front cover all the way to the back just so you can hold it up with one hand and read. You my friend, are worthy of this look from me: -_-

Do you understand, humanity, how ugly and misused a book looks when there’s a crack on the spine? How disdainful that white line running across the spine looks? I literally cringe inwardly whenever I see a book with a cracked spine, or for that matter, dog eared pages. Bookmarks exist for a reason. And that is to mark your page in a book. Don’t deprive the bookmark of its reason to be. Please.

Number Three: Editors and Book Covers

Have you ever seen this on a copy of the Divergent series: “Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games”?

Or how about this on a copy of The Maze Runner series: “Fans of The Hunger Games and the Divergent trilogy will be thrilled”?

Maybe this on some high fantasy book like Throne of Glass: “Perfect for fans of The Game of Thrones”?

Like, what kind of marketing strategy is that?

See, these people really need to pull their act together. Do you really think putting the name of a book that I may or may not have liked, on the cover of a book of the same genre will inspire me to buy it? What if I didn’t like The Hunger Games? I wouldn’t have bought Divergent then; and your strategy would’ve failed. BIG time.

Sometimes these recommendations just leak the inspiration out of me whenever I think of buying a book. People just compare books of the same genre, not realising how confusing it becomes for the buyer, especially if he/she particularly dislikes the book/s stated on the front cover for all of eternity to see.

Take a look at the copy of the first book in the Uglies trilogy by Scott Westerfeld in the media. It’s a dystopian novel that was published way before Hunger Games. Look at what’s on the front cover of the new editions:"Before The Hunger Games there was..." Please. All of us know THG have opened the floodgates to the dystopian genre. But is their name really necessary on the cover of every dystopian novel? Is The Hunger Games now the benchmark for dystopian novels the same way Twilight is for vampire books? Because I didn't know when that happened.

Why editors?

Number Four: Paperbacks not being able to stand on their own.

So I'm cleaning my bookshelf (which consists of zero hardbacks), removing the say, first ten books on one shelf, being all like: don’t mind me, I'm just gonna put these books on my study table and come back for the rest of you, when the rest of the books, you know what they do? The rest of the books FALL DOWN!!!

If the paperback is fat enough, then it stands on its own, but if it isn’t…

Apparently it shouldn’t be so frustrating, but guess what? IT IS!

Number Five: Stickers on the book cover.

Now I know how important it is for publishers and editors and everyone else in the book publishing world, I know how important it is for you to tell the whole world that the book-to-movie adaptation of the first book in The Mortal Instruments series has been released, but DO YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE ADVERTISING STICKER ON THE FRONT COVER OF MY COPY OF CLOCKWORK PRINNCESS?? That book isn’t even part of the series!!!

I also know how important it is for you to tell the world that this book, for example The Hunger Games, costs so and so rupees/dollars/pounds, BUT DOES IT HAVE TO BE PASTED SMACK ON TOP OF THE BIRD’S FACE?!?!?!

I don’t even get it; WHY do you do that? Do you know how hard it is to remove the stickers? Do you know how ugly a book looks with that damn sticker on top of it advertising the movie or the price tag? It’s not about the money money money, it’s about the COVER BEING SPOILT!!!!

I swear, if the publishers take these five pet peeves into consideration, SO many people will be happy. Just five? You can’t do five for the sake of humanity?

So that was about it for my bookish pet peeves with regards to the physical appearances of the book (there may be more, but I shall tell you of them when they strike me). As for the pet peeves that relate to the storyline…that episode will have to wait for another day.

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