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"—he best option is an in-patient recovery center

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"—he best option is an in-patient recovery center."

"Do we have any other options?"

Doctor Rivers shook his head, scratching his chin. "At this point, no. Based on Nevaeh's condition and status, she'll have to be admitted into a recovery center. Any, of your liking and choosing, that will be discussed later, but it is what your daughter needs right now." He scanned my parents, "If the cost is an issue, there are ways to help with that."

"No, no, not at all," Dad muttered, sighing. Glancing at me, he blew out a breath. "So if we choose to send her, what are the options?"

Doctor Rivers reached into his binder and pulled out a few pamphlets. Mom took them from him, sending me a disappointed glare.

I tuned out, distancing myself from the conversation in front of me.

Happy thoughts. You can figure out a way out of this later.

My gaze went back to the IV in my arm. I wanted to pull it out, but I knew the doctor was in the room, and after the clear warning the nurse had given me, I knew it wasn't the best idea.

There was another knock on the door, and another nurse entered, holding a tray. "Lunchtime," she announced, coming inside.

My heart dropped to the ground.

The nurse brought the tray to my lap and I stared at it.

Go away, go away, go away.

She gave me a kind smile and then left with a nod to Doctor Rivers. My whole family was watching me at this point, and I squeezed my eyes shut.

Go away, go away, go away.

"Nevaeh?" Doctor Rivers asked softly, words enunciated.

"No." I wouldn't eat it. Not now, not ever.

"Goddammit," Mom snapped, getting up from her seat. I flinched, opening my eyes. "Just the damn food!"


"Nevaeh Juliette Anderson," Dad said harshly, "Please. Eat. It."

I shook my head and heard a scoff from my brothers. Doctor Rivers frowned, "Okay, how about you guys go back to the waiting room for a bit? I think Nevaeh needs some space."

"Space my ass," Nick hissed, "She's just scared of the food."

"Enough," Doctor Rivers' expression had totally changed, and he looked slightly disappointed.

It was probably because I didn't want to eat, I figured.

Stop being a disgrace, Nevaeh. Just eat and make everyone happy.


I can't.

"Forget the waiting room," Mom growled, "We're going home. I missed meetings for this, I need to make them up. Call us when she's done eating her stupid food."

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