Chapter Four: The Pain

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A few weeks has passed by and yet (Y/N) still couldn't forget seeing his daughter getting hit by truck right in front of his eyes as her last words were "I will never love you"

(Y/N): God I hate my life...I hate everything around in this world....what meaning do I have right now in this world...

(Y/N) looking like a depress old man walk up to his room and open the wardrobe, which he then grab a shotgun and place it on the bed

(Y/N): June....Honey...I'm coming don't worry

(Y/N) place down the chair and grab his bullets to reload for his shotgun

June: I hate you dad you never ever let me get what I want, I will never love you again!

(Y/N) were thinking of the same words coming from June mouth as he was reloading the shotgun, he sat down on the chair and place the aim of the shotgun towards his mouth

June: I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!

(Y/N) put his finger into the trigger and look at the ceiling as he didn't cry nor feel anything fear at all

June: say it you hate me! You hate me so much!

(Y/N): June I'm coming to apologize to you, I need you...I also need you honey....I'm coming now...

As (Y/N) was about to the press the trigger, he stop and hear someone saying "say it you hate me!" very loud

(Y/N): huh?

(Y/N) stood up and were walking slowly to the window which he can see in the neighbour window someone shaking a child screaming "say it you hate me!"

(Y/N): what the hell?

(Y/N) grabs his phone and were about calling the police

Detroit Police: Hello this is the Detroit Police station, what is your emergency?

(Y/N): hello uh...can you please come to 4203 Harrison Street because I can see this someone in the window physically abusing this child

Detroit Police: okay and what exactly is this someone doing to the child?

(Y/N): well he is shaking her like crazy while pinning her into the wall

Detroit Police: okay what else is he doing to her?

(Y/N): well he is screaming to her saying "say it you hate me" and the girl looks like she is crying

Detroit Police: uh I see and are you sure it isn't some mistake you're looking at here?

(Y/N): well I'm not a hundred percent sure but I believe-

Detroit Police: I'm sorry sir but if you cannot be certain of what's happening I'm afraid we cannot go to that person location without full prove

(Y/N): there is proof I can literally the little girl crying right now as he shaking her into the wall!

Detroit Police: can be the cause of lots of things and just how do you know it's a girl?

(Y/N): does it matter of the gender, it's a child literally getting shaken how the hell are you not going to do something about this?

Detroit police: sir sometimes children can be the cause of parent's anger which could be the thing you are witnessing right now

(Y/N): really because that guy looks like some kind of drunken person that looks like he has anger issue

Detroit police: sorry sir but we cannot go to that location unless there certain proof about it, thank you for calling

The phone turn off and I were surprise that this is the security that we got in this world

(Y/N): wow...okay if the pigs aren't going to do anything I may as well stop that person from what he is doing

I left my house by going to the backyard and jump over to the neighbour backyard

(Y/N): okay I just hope nobody saw me doing that

I ran into the neighbour house by entering in the back door and look at the kitchen with all sort of pizza boxes and beer cans

(Y/N): oh my god this house looks horrid, why the hell hasn't this guy clean up yet?

???: Daddy stop!

???: you're going to pay you little runt!

I quickly come into the scene and saw the guy that was holding the girl into the wall, he turn around and looks at me

Todd: what the hell?

(Y/N): wait a's're the one that I saw at the Cyberlife store a few weeks ago

Todd: what the fuck are you doing my house GET OUT!!!

(Y/N): no...why the hell are you hurting that girl she didn't do anything wrong to you!

Todd: I said get the fuck out right now!

(Y/N): n-no...I said let go of the girl right now....

I then look at the stairs and notice it was the android AX400 that I saw in the window while I was about to head to bed

(Y/N):'s you....

As Todd notice I was looking at his android, he throws the girl away and charges at me


He punches me in the face over and over again, which I then stops one of his punches and I punch him on the head which I quickly had a chance to run

Todd: oh no you don't you little runt!

Todd grabs his empty beer and start throwing at me which I luckily able to dodge so fast

(Y/N): I'm getting Detroit police on you!

Todd screams and chase after me into the backyard, I quickly jump over the fence and were at my backyard

(Y/N): Phew!

Todd breaks down the fence in anger and start chasing after me, I race back to my house and lock the back door so he can't be able to get in

(Y/N): you're at my property I'm calling the police right now!

Todd was going crazy and was slowly breaking my back door I grab my phone and start calling Detroit Police

Detroit Police: sorry but we are dealing with androids situation please try and call us next time

(Y/N): are you serious what kind of police force is this?!

Todd breaks down my door and saw me holding the phone

(Y/N): shoot....


(Y/N): I quickly drop my phone and head upstairs, which Todd grab my phone and break it


Todd leaves my house and head back to his own, I slowly walk back down and notice my phone was broken in half

(Y/N): phone.....

Police officer: Open up this is Detroit police!

(Y/N): huh?

I walk up to the front door and open it, which then two officers comes in and charge at me

Police Officer: get down on your knees!

(Y/N): O-Officer what is going on, I don't know what is happening!

Police Officer: sir you are under arrest for going over the neighbour property!

Continues in the Next Chapter... 

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