another chapter.

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~ hey guys, sorry about this, but this is going to be a short part. just to tide you over the cliff hanger. ~

i heard a soft voice over me.

"oh my god mass. massie, massie are you ok.?"i felt a hand try and turn me over. i shrugged it off, and closed my eyes, and mumbled

"to tired"

"massie, your going to be aright, its e shawn. massie" i felt his arms come around me and pick me up. i mumbled and cuddled into shawns arms. i then , i think fell asleep.

my head was throbbing as i slowly opened my eyes. i looked around, and i saw i was in shawns room. my stomach felt quezy again and i sat straight up in bed and threw up over the side. "jeez mass, its called hit the bucket"


"its ok" said shawn said, "you ok?" he sat on the side of the bed and clipped back my bangs with one of vio's hair clips. he kissed my forhead and told me to lye down again. i lay down and he started to clean up my puke. i closed my eyes and must have fallen asleep.

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