43 | Your first kiss.

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Ponyboy: You were both 14, and you'd been dating for 2 weeks. It wasn't anything special, he just kissed you after he'd walked you home from school.

Sodapop: He was still dating Sandy the first time you kissed him. You guys were at his house and he was complaining about her cheating; he really opened up to you. Out of no where, in the middle of his emotions, Sodapop leaned in and kissed you.

Darrel: Darry kissed you for the first time, long before you ever started dating. You were both 13 and playing football in his yard, then out of no where he kissed you. Little did you two know you'd be together 7 years later.

Dallas: You were at the nightly double alone. Your boyfriend had just dumped you and you were hoping the movie would give you an escape from reality. Dallas came over and sat next to you. He was flirting like crazy, so you thought why not? You leaned in to kiss him, which led to a full on make-out session.

Two-bit: Your first kiss with Two-bit was a crazy story. You guys were going on dates but not calling each other boyfriend/girlfriend yet. A fight broke out at the Dingo which led to the police chasing everyone watching. You and Two-bit ran and hid in an alleyway; where he kissed you.

Johnny: You guys dated for 3 whole months before you kissed. Johnny had been too scared to make the first move; so when you had the opportunity you took it. It was while watching a sunset with him in the lot.

Steve: You and Steve were really close friends at the time. Everyone was hanging out at the Curtis house one morning when Steve announced he was about to leave for work. You got up to hug him goodbye, like always, when the two of you locked lips. The both of you did it out of some weird instinct. Everyone saw and nobody would talk to each other for like an hour after that, it was really awkward.

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