Chapter 18 - Murals of the Quest

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Leona Pov

It felt good to be back in Silver Leaf city. This is where I had spent my youth. Playing in its courtyards with other Fae as a child. Then like all Faes I learned the sciences of alchemy, nature magic and my favorite of the them all archery.

Being among my people made me realize how much I had missed them. I was gone too long and even though time worked differently in the isles of Mu compared to the Western World, it was a joy to be home. However brief it may be, for the importance of the blessed one's quest is my priority.

My companions rested while I was summoned to the room of Willows by Master Capricus. No doubt he wanted details of my mission to find Master Donavin. Once he was given the immortal blessing his light was felt throughout all the realms. The Sages of Silver leaf quickly sent me out to find him.

Disguised as a psychic I worked my way into an event held at Sacred Sun where his energy signature was usually strongest. I had to make sure it was him and when my eyes first landed on him and the waves of his brilliant golden light hit me it took all the wind from my lungs. He was beautiful and truly the most powerful being I had ever seen. Before me was the chosen one. He does exist and it is my sword duty to aide his quest.

I stopped reminiscing and followed the long tall corridors along the west wall to a hidden stair well. The stairs barely lit by torches burning lightly with the lavender colored flames of Fae magick. Each step I took lead me deeper into the belly of the citadel.

Once I reached the bottom of the winding stairwell light poured from the room it lead to. I entered quietly. The chamber was large and its walls were painted with murals depicting the prophecies long foretold by the Illuminated Ones. Where each wall met there was a thin division depicting celestial swirls that represented the veil. Funny we would meet here. A strong reminder of the prophecies and importance of our quest.

Master Capricus was waiting patiently seemingly unaware of my arrival busy gazing at the murals. I bent down into a kneel and waited. I heard him turn around but kept my gaze down with my head in the customary Fae bow of being in the presence of my teacher.

"Rise child" Capricus said with endearingly.

I rose from my knee and looked up at my beloved teacher. He wore long robes of white with silver trim. His hooded cloak was classes on each side with silver leaves. His hair was braided and wrapped around above his head in a  bun kept in place by a silver net with opals. He was well over seven hundred mortal years but looked as if he was in his thirties. Longevity is one of the benefits of being a Fae. I knew he had several hundred more years before the transition of death would come.

I break free of my observations and looked directly into Capricus’s eyes. Eyes full of experience, magick and wisdom.

"Master I've found the chosen one and brought him here as you have requested." I said.

"Yes Leona you have done well. You've even exceeded my wishes and brought the holy guardian Leilah Angel of the Night. There may be hope for our kind and the realm of Terrans after all." Capricus replied warmly.

"There is more Master. Abbadon the Fallen has amassed legions of darkness and knows of The Key Of Fates. This is what we must find if we are to repair the veil and pacify Abbadon’s threat." I said.

"The Key of Fates is buried deep within the caverns in the Shadow Forest on the other side of the veil in the realm of the dark elves. This will be a perilous journey full of danger but we must have faith in the chosen one for his light will guide the way." Capricus informed.

"Enough of these dark thoughts, let us address this tomorrow with the rest of the council. I thank you for your report. Tonight let's feast free of worry in honor of our guests. You may take your leave to prepare with my blessings." Capricus concluded.

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