Reunited Once More

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Rias walked over to the door, and a magical circle around the door broke.

Koneko "And the seal has been broken."

Rias placed her hand on the door handle.

Rias "Let's see how this goes."

She stood their, and you didn't like how she was being all dramatic about it. You walked towards the door and opened up the door, when you walked in you heard a scream. Everyone else walked in after you and began looking around the room.

Why is it so dark?

??? "I don't understand what's going on, why are you here?"

Rias "The seal has been broken, you are free to leave now."

Akeno walked over to a coffin in the middle of the room and pulled off the top. When your got a good look, you saw the schools girl uniform. You saw a face turn towards you, pinkish violet eye's staring back at you. 

??? "I don't ever want to leave, the outside world is to scary!!"

Issei "Aw, she's just a cute little girl. She even looks like Asia, does that mean that all bishops have to be pretty little blondes or something?"

You chuckled slightly along with Kiba. 

Isse' "Hey, what are you two laughing at."

Rias "The a boy."

Issei turned slowly and looked at him. You walked over to him and placed your hand on his shoulder.

Tell me, is he just as sexy as that sprite you saw in the familiar forest?

Issei "OH HELL NO!!"

You began laughing and so did Kiba. He walked over to you and put his hand up in the air.

Kiba "That one was pretty good, not gonna lie."

You high fived him.

Amen to that. 

Rias walked over and hugged him from the back.

Rias "Everyone, meet Gasper Vladi. He's a first year student here. And before i had the honor of turning him into a devil, this little guy was half human half vampire."

You felt your heart skip a beat after she said that, that means he's here. You began thinking about it, how was he so close but you didn't know. He was right under your nose this whole time and you didn't know?


You snapped back into reality and looked to see everyone looking at you. 

Issei "You ok man?"

Y-Yeah, just, I didn't know we would reunite this soon. 

"U-Um, lad, where did ya go?"

Everyone looked to see a small yellow light in the corner of the room, the source of the strong Scottish accent that had spoken a second ago. 

Well, looks like what they said was true, head.

??? "Head? Why, I haven't heard that saying in quite a while. Wait a minute, is that you? How in Midguard did you survive?"

You began walking over to the light and you picked it up by a rope. You covered it's eye's and walked to where everyone could see.

Everyone, this is Mimir.

You uncovered his eye's and he looked at them all.

Mimir "Oh, ello there. Um, quick question, who's the one holding my head right now?"

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