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This part takes place a little while after the last one

Your day was the same as any other but then Fugo said something strange "(y/n)! I think it's time you go back to school! You've been out for too long!" You got scared how could you forget about school? "Dont worry" he said "I'll teach you just like how I'm teaching Narancia"
"Thank you Fugo!" You said.
"What did you last learn about in school before you left?" He asked.

Later on while Fugo was teaching you and Narancia a lesson Narancia poked you with his pencil so you did the same back you two started to have a little fight every time Fugo looked away, then Narancia got close to you and said "I'd like you to poke me with something else later~" your face shot red,
"(Y/n)! Why is your face red? Are you sick?" Fugo asked
"Uhmm no I'm just a little hot that's all" you replied quickly "okay just get back to work!" Fugo said in a mean voice. You looked at Narancia who giggled

You two just kinda sat there listening to Fugo talk about maths or something like that, it got boring so you started to draw, you've always liked drawing and where pretty good at it but you never showed anyone your drawing because you where always embarrassed that some one might think its stupid. You started to draw a picture of the whole gang you live with, after a while Narancia noticed and whispered "hey that looks really good!" So you quickly shut your notebook in embarrassment "hey what's wrong?" Narancia asked "you dont have to be ashamed or anything it was really good I could tell that you where drawing the whole gang !" He said trying to make you feel better. "Really?" You said in a nervous voice "yeah! It was really good!" He replied "okay you two we can take a short break" Fugo said. So you two talked a little more and you had the idea to draw Narancia, "hey Narancia would it be ok if I drew you?" You asked
"What! Yeah that would be awesome!" He said very excited. You decided that you where going to make the best drawing of Narancia that you ever could.

When you went back to "working" every time Fugo looked away you would look at Narancia and start to draw. By the end of the day you weren't even done with the out line of his face. But it looked good and even though it didnt look like him Narancia still loved it.

"Man we didnt really do anything today huh?" You said
"Yeah we just kinda fucked around the entire day" Narancia said
"Well it's over at least!" You said happily then you felt something on your leg you looked down and it was Narancia. "Hey what are you doing?" You asked
"What did I say earlier~?" He replied
He started to unzip your pants and he said "I've been waiting for so long~" he winked at you and stared to suck your dick.

After a while he got up and took of his pants and said "I'm gonna make you feel so good you won't be able to walk~"
"That's a little dark I mean I did just learn how to walk again" you said
"Oh right sorry" he said
"Its fine" you said kissing him "but I would like you to try~" you said.
Narancia couldn't wait he jumped on you and stared to move so fast it felt amazing better than any other time he was so tight and it was so warm then you remembered "wait what about a condom!?"
"It doesn't matter!" Narancia said. He kept rideing you and it got better and better by the second. Then you told him to stop "why?" He asked, you put him in the "doggy style" position and started to ram into him he moaned with so much pleasure. You started to jerk him off and even started to touch his nipples while still raming into him from behind . He was getting to loud so you had to cover his mouth to stop his moans. Eventually you were at you limit you told Narancia "I'm gonna c-cum" he pulled out of you and stared to suck your dick and when you came he swallowed everything. You both passed out not to long after that.

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