Han Clan's Mess

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Why did Grandfather Han die so early? He wasn't supposed to die yet. Has the course of time in the story change?

Chu Feng pondered in her head. She removed the white sheet and saw Grandfather Han. Grandfather Han looked like he was just sleeping.

Unconsciously, her hands made a fist. She could feel the blood rushing to her head. Her stomach was reaching a boiling point where it could explode at any moment.

Before long, a couple came in along with some servants.

Han Susu and Han Xiwei both glare simultaneously at the couple.

It was Third Uncle and his wife.

"What do we have here?" Third Uncle looked at the three girls from top to bottom. He smiled at Han Xiwei and then focused on Chu Feng. It had been a very long time since he had seen the little flower that he grew. She has gotten really beautiful.

While Third Uncle was looking at Han Xiwei and Chu Feng, his wife was glaring at them with daggers. She pulled on his hand, pressing her watermelon size buns against him.

This aunt of theirs was really revealing to the point where she could have a nude moment anytime. Her clothes were untidy and so was her hair. 

Ah. They just done something before they got here.

Chu Feng took a glance at that 'Third Uncle' of hers and his wife. In Han Qin Xi's memories, that man always looked at her lecherously. He did the same with Han Xiwei. Though, what happened to Han Susu? How come he never did the same for her?

And his wife, what was her name again? Damn.

Chu Feng only knew that this that woman got into the Han household through the backdoor -literally. That woman couldn't go through the front door during the wedding because Grandfather Han didn't let her through.

Now that she thought of it, their marriage was a little tragic -a teeny bit. That woman was from a poor merchants family and was pregnant before marriage. It was sad but she isn't a character to pity. Though little is known about her, there was enough to tell her (CF) that woman was evil.

For example, she tried to climb onto the bed of Father Han after marrying Third Uncle, causing a rift in the Han household. It happened when Han Qin Xi was just taken into the family and it was also the first time she saw such a man staring at her lecherously. That was the moment Third Uncle started watching Han Qin Xi.

Thinking about it, Chu Feng felt shivers go up her spine.

"Third Brother," Father Han coughed to bring his brother's attention to him instead of his daughters.

Han Susu stood in front of Chu Feng and Han Xiwei, trying to block them away from third Uncle's staring.

"Yes?" Third Uncle was lost in examining the two beauties in his eyes. He didn't move his eyesight one bit and moved to a different place just to check out the two beauties.

"Third Uncle, do you have an eye disease?" Chu Feng blurted. She innocently blinked at Third Uncle. Her voice was even softer now.

"If so, it's best to call for a physician to help," Han Susu jumped in. It was a chance for them to get some distance away from that lecherous man. Didn't he already have more than fifteen wives? Although, each of them were already divorced after a month or "accidentally" died. The only ones left was the recent ones and that wife with him right now.

"Third Aunt, you have to help Third Uncle, else one day his eyes will..." Chu Feng purposely looked at Third Aunt remorsefully. She knew that Third Aunt only wants a healthy man and not a crippled one. Even if he was blind, she would leave him.

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