16. Alone

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Hlo darlings

I've noticed the decline in response and your enthusiasm to read it. And I know why ? Because the truth is revealed and all you all like is to read the torture and not the actual plot, emotions, dialogue or anything else. It's all about torture. Great understanding and choice, folks !

Don't worry you won't have to bear me for long. I take out time from my tight schedule for you all, but I'm not blaming you all coz that's my choice. But I'll free you all from this story as quickly as I can write. I'm not saying I'll not write what I've planned for this story, but I'll try to finish it as soon as possible.


When you really miss someone, even the smallest of things related to them matter to you. Your dreams are about them, your imagination is all about them. Your eyes search for them in everyone and everything you see. Your lips involuntarily move to say their name. Your ears hear their voice in whatever you hear. Your feet start to move towards them and your hands move with an intention to touch them and feel them, but you realise that what you’re seeing, is just your imagination.

Tracing his fingers on a photograph, he smiled and held it tighter in his embrace. Looking around, he looked at every photograph and every smile she had on her face made his heart ache. This smile was what he had snatched from her. What he gifted her was tears of pain.

Getting out of the room, he went towards his Dadi’s room and saw her reading the scripture Bhagwat Geeta. Usually, when he used to go to meet her, she used to smile and gesture him to sit beside her and listen what she was reciting. Not that he was a religious person or believed in God, infact, he was an atheist. But mere sitting beside his Dadi was all he used to need to make his day. But now, she looked at him and simply turned her gaze back towards the Geeta and didn’t look at him, even if he was standing at the door for an hour.

What you sow, so shall you reap, it is said. And that’s what happened with him. He snatched her smile from her, his own happiness left him. Unknowingly though, but he did snatch her only family, her Dadi from her, and now, he’s craving for his own Dadi to look at him for atleast once.

He had made her lonely, now he is left alone, despite having the world at his feet. He snatched her freedom from her, now he became the slave of his own heart. The only difference between him and her was, she didn’t know why she was suffering, but he knew it. She was innocent, but he was a sinner.

Rudra’s voice startled him and he looked at him, being confused on seeing him shouting and saying something. When he finally cleared his mind and heard what Rudra as well as Om were saying, he got to know that the pasta he was making had been burnt.

Frustrated because of the same event occuring for the 15th time in last 3 weeks, he threw the pan away and left the kitchen, up the stairs and towards his room and locked himself inside. Resting his forehead onto her portrait, he drew some strength. What an irony ! What made him weak, was the source of his strength. The hope to see her once again gave him the needed push and he left the room, not before locking it and keeping the key in his pocket safely. His room had never been personal to him, his brothers used to sleep with him whenever they wanted to be with their elder brother, but from last 3 weeks, his room became his secret heaven, his precious possession because her belongings - her pictures, her clothes, her fragrance that he felt, was still lingering there, and her drawing that was so precious for her - were there.

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