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Kamrynn Michelle Dior Gaulden

I sat in the food court at Lenox by myself waiting for Cierra. She blew my phone up all mad about something, and now I gotta calm her down

A couple of minutes pasted by and she finally came

"come on" she said standing over me messing with the straps of her book bag

where she going with a book bag?

"what's wrong with you?" I asked grabbing my stuff and getting up following behind her

She ain't say nothing, so I just continued to follow her outside. Once we made it outside I pulled her over to the wall

"bae what's wrong with you?" I asked looking at her, she wasn't making eye contact with me. Whatever she was mad about she was real pissed off about it

"I had some problems back home, I ain't with that bull shit at all. My momma started tripping so I packed some clothes and left"

I looked down at the book bag she had

And where she plan on going to?

"where you going?"

"My auntie house, I swear I can't fucking stand my momma. She get on my fucking ner—" I covered her mouth before pulling her into a hug

She was loud and everybody was looking at us crazy. I felt her breathing hard and she was shaking

"calm down, for real cause you got everybody looking at us. Stop shaking like that, you need some water?"

She shook her head ' no'

"I'm hot baby, I need some air. My momma really got my blood pressure up, and that shit ain't cool"

"you need to stop letting her get to you so easily"

Cierra got anger issues, but it take a good minute for you to get her to her breaking point

You gotta keep nagging to make her break and go crazy. Whatever her momma did to her cause her to go crazy must of been serious

"mane her stupid ass asked me a question and I answered her question. Not to her liking though, and she started yelling. You know ion tolerate nobody yelling at me, so I started yelling back. We was just going back and forth til she hit me. All hell broke loose after that"

She started pacing back and forth fast. Folks was just staring at her

"Cierra" I pulled her back over to the wall "chill, you need to calm down"

"I can't" she shook her head

"You took yo' medicine?" She shook her head 'no'

"It's at home in my bathroom" I rolled my eyes

"Well you ain't finna be out in public acting like this. You need to go to your auntie house"

"Come with me" I scrunched my face up

"I can't, and you know that" I told her "I'm on punishment again, and if I do one more thing I'm probably gone die"

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