Chapter 18

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~Andy's POV~

Once again he brought a girl back to the room. I heard them outside when I woke up. At first I thought it was someone else, but then the door opened and he walking in with his lips attached to a girl's lips.

I wasn't in the mood to stay and I decided to leave. They could use my bed for all I cared.

When we were walking back to the dorm, Sonny was taking to me. I told him about my anxiety and he comforted me through it. He also said that if I ever needed anything, then to go and see him.

But I didn't want to go there now. I wanted to be alone at the moment.

I snuck out of the room so that Rye and the girl didn't know I was here. It worked and I left the room without them realising.

The demons had left me alone ever since my talk with Sonny and I was glad.

But I didn't want to go to him now. So I went for a walk.

I didn't know where I was going, I just followed a path that lead outside of the school. Because it was a warm night, I was okay to be in just the pyjamas and slippers that I was wearing.

The path was dirt. Unlike any of the other paths on the campus, which were all cobble or concrete.

The dirt path then went out of the school grounds and up a hill.

I followed it in the dark. The only light from the full moon hanging in the sky. It wasn't long until I reached the top of the hill.

And from here I could see the whole school. It looked beautiful.

From here you couldn't see the drama in the dorm rooms, the fights between the boys, the broken instruments in the bin out back. From here you couldn't see the couples holding hands, kissing, having sex. You couldn't see any of the bad.

You could only see the beautiful old brick buildings, the perfect gardens, the lights on in the classrooms from the late-night studying students. You could see the pine trees forming the boundary around the school. All of this illuminated by the moon.

I looked to the ground for a moment, only to find that the hill I was standing on was covered in flowers. Bright and colourful. They were beautiful.

Looking to the very top of the hill, I saw a tree.

Making my way towards it, I found it was an oak tree. It looked old, very old. From the moonlight I could see that here were initials in hearts, of lovers long gone.

And it made me think of Rye.

I didn't tell Sonny that I liked Rye. Nobody needed to know about my sexuality yet. Last time someone found out, it didn't end well.

But I knew that Rye was straight. So why was I surprised that he was with a girl?

My brain was useless at giving me an answer.

But he was talented, gorgeous, kind, friendly and beautiful. He was far out my league anyway, there was no point in fantasising about him, he'll never like me in the same way I like him.

I sat under the oak tree next to the demons that had returned once more to keep me company. I soon came to the realisation that they were my only friends.

In minutes, I fell asleep surrounded by the demons I have come to know...

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