A new direction

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The year is 2022 and we are now several years into another global financial crisis.
Australia has not been as badly affected as other countries around the world but it still affects the way we live and our future direction. With online buying increasing then dwindling retail store sales resulting from this.
I can see that in the future retail stores as we now see them will be a thing of the past.
As in times gone by the corner store has disappeared and the smaller retailers being replaced by the megastores.
I see future retailers being mega online stores with warehouses in industrial areas in the capital cities with no shopfront or staff. Automated warehouses with orders coming into computerised systems which will activate robotic cranes.
A conveyor systems to pick the goods from bar-codes then dispatch them to the loading area for distribution by drones.
These warehouses will be very cost-effective as no human activity is required.
No walkways lighting plumbing or ventilation the many and increasing rules and regulations for a human activity will be gone.
Just concrete towers with endless high-rise storage shelves.
Better use of industrial land will be achieved as there will be no need for parking.
All that will be required is a loading dock at one end and unloading dock the other and a roof hatch for drone dispatch and delivery.

Newspapers will drop their printed publications and only be available online. I realised this could be the direction for me as I could have a go-anywhere business requiring only me and a computer and very little outlay.
My name is Justin Harris I started an online news and events business targeting outback Australia five months ago.
Initially I advertised on radio stations throughout these areas informing them of what I had to offer.
I also advising my readers that I will pay for newsworthy stories to add to my general outback news and events items.
I don't have a journalism background but have a good understanding of the outback.
I had worked in many fields from fencing in my younger years to shearing droving cattle mustering.
I then started driving road trains and I built up a fleet over a fifteen-year period.
I sold the road train business as it was getting me down with the never-ending problems with staff and rules and regulations. Alcohol is the biggest downfall with drivers in these remote locations.

The police target them with random roadblocks and know exactly where to look for drugs.
Cattle road trains are not the sort of thing you want to go over closely as they smell.
The stock is not able to be unloaded at roadblocks to search thoroughly.
Police become aware that these trucks they escort the truck to its destination unloaded the stock then thoroughly search it.
I suspect that the police have undercover agents watching the suspected trucks.
These agents may have purchased drugs from the drivers as the police knew exactly where to find the drugs.
I had one driver Brett Patterson who we all called Banjo he was a loyal employee for over three years and I thought.
He was clean and a great operator until he was arrested and charged as a drug courier.
At his trial I discovered he had links to outlaw motorcycle gangs.
He distributed drugs for them in my trucks on a regular basis and had done so for at least two years.
He is now doing a long stretch in jail and has lost everything he worked for which amounted to quite a lot as it was revealed.

After selling the business I moved from Roma to Brisbane five years ago and was at the stage of life again for a new direction and I always loved a challenge.
I spent two years travelling around Australia and abroad and during that time I had a lot of time to think about a new direction.
My time overseas made me realize that indeed Australia truly was a lucky country.
It is not hard to understand just why so many boat people risk all to get here.
The outcry over the numbers of boat people is a concern, I think an even bigger concern is the number of people coming in through the airports on visas and just staying.
It amounts to the same thing an illegal immigrant but there are more of them and as they do not make the news like the boat people they seem to go under the radar.

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