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Hey everyone, it's been a while

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Hey everyone, it's been a while. I hope you guys are doing okay! It's been a long long time since I updated HI but I really do still like this story and it's not finished quite yet, I promise (: Thank you so much for reading.



Sometimes it's hard to concentrate on the fact you have a date with a gorgeous man you've been crushing on, and don't get me wrong it's fantastic that he's crushing back on you, but it's different. Like very different. It's one thing knowing the feelings are mutual and that it's very likely you guys will go out, than going to a random date with that guy you met on tinder who you're pretty sure is not a serial killer but you can't rule that out quite just yet.

I've watched too many crime documentaries, leave me alone.

Besides, by the way Ethan and I met you would figure that I was the serial killer and not him, and I was the one that wanted to wear his face around my house like – I'm getting off track again.

I blow out a puff of air over my coffee. Yeah it's never a good idea to come thirty minutes early to a date but can you really blame my poor anxious self? What if he came earlier than me and I made him wait? Then I'd be a bitch. At the same time, if I showed up super early that might make me look very desperate, wouldn't it? Why can't people just give women a break?

We settled for the same coffee shop we always come to before our classes. It was so strange that, until right now, I hadn't thought of how much time we spend together, but we do. We don't even have overlapping classes... do we? I take out my phone, scrolling through days and days of messages to figure out wither or not we have any classes together, but I know I would have noticed an obnoxiously tall and handsome guy in any of my classes. I mean, handsome to me at least, I had shown Diane a picture of him once and she made a 'he's okay' kind of face, although he wasn't necessarily her preferred type.

I thought Ethan was more than okay. I thought he was kinda ... perfect.

Oh for fuck's sake Sol, you're so whipped get out of here.

"Hey, Sunshine."

I put my phone screen down on the table, jerking back to see him walking towards me, I'm sitting on one of those tall tables coffee shops like to have, so when he wraps his arms around me he's nearly ideal height.

And holy crap, he smells so good.

Boys colognes have no right smelling this good.

"Hey." I respond, a bit abruptly, like my words decided to get stuck for no reason. So I have to clear my throat, because of course I do, somehow becoming the main character of a sappy YA novel. "You look really good."

The word I was going for was cute, he just does. Wearing his jean jacket over a mustard button up even though the world is burning and we're all gonna die before any of us can reach our elderly years, save the turtles and all that stuff; but sure Ethan, wear a jean jacket when it's seventy three degrees outside in late February, that works, at least you look great while wearing it.

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