Stuck in Trouble

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As some may know, the city of Atlanta is fast and if you want to keep up you can't miss a beat, and if you miss a beat just keep going. Unfortunately, no one gave this advice to Jakayla Chatman. Some would think Jakayla broke the odds of the system that was set up to fail her. She was an all A student, athlete, never in trouble and very respectful. Even though her close circle of friends was small, she was a pretty popular person before she had to change to a private school Freshman year. Jakayla is a fourteen year old 9th grader with stunning, curly, long hair. She isn't quite a "tom-boy," but you'll never catch her in a skirt. Every now and then, she dyes the tips of her hair purple to give it a pop. Always dressed in new shoes and fresh clothes, she sets the trend.  Although Jakayla is prepared for high school, she still has her boy best friend, Simon, to help her get pass different situations.

Simon and Jakayla met on the first day of sixth grade in middle school. Two boys, Malik and Donavon were mistreating Simon. They took his bookbag and held it up high above his head so he couldn't reach it. They even stepped on the back of shoes to aggravate Simon. In response, Simon would turn around and yell in desperation for them to stop. So Jakayla took it upon herself to stop them which made her and Simon become friends. What Jakayla didn't know was Donavon actually had a crush on her and was bullying Simon to get her attention. Jakayla was far from impressed. 

All four of them lived within two blocks of each other, and they eventually got pretty close. They went to the same school, always hung out, and even celebrated holidays together. All in all, they would have a lot of fun, but all of this came to an end the summer after seventh grade when Simon's dad got a new job, forcing them to move to a new house about an hour away.  During the eighth grade school year, Jakayla still hung out with Donavon and Malik every once in a while, but she met some new friends as well. Although she had a fantastic year, she still missed Simon.  A few months after Simon left, Malik started working after school sweeping and washing towels at a barber shop to try and help his mom with bills. Soon he quit the job and started to do things to get money faster. For example selling stolen items and fooling people into thinking they were pure items. Around that same time, Donavon decided he wanted to take football seriously so his dad  worked him harder then ever before. Donavon began waking up at six  in the morning to do extremely challenging conditioning for the season. All of these events were nothing compared to the traumatic events that occurred on their first day of school. 

The high school Jakayla goes to isn't in her neighborhood actually it's far from it. Her mom wanted to send her to a school where Jakayla didn't have to worry about anything other than her education. The school in Jakayla's district is the place you go to fight, get pregnant, drop out, join a gang or get killed. With all that how can you focus on the one thing nobody can take from you, your education. Even though the private school Jakayla goes to is safer and a better school, Jakayla has to work 10 times harder than everyone else because sometimes she feels out of place.

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