5| Fantasy

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Let me tell you a story

Of a Prince and a troll

You should actually know it

We played it after all


The Prince was on his way

To save a damsel from her tower

He mistakingly crossed a bridge

Where a troll was in power


Congrats, you guessed it right,

The troll was played by me

But honestly, it's not my fault

You chose what I should be


The Prince warned the troll

He told her to leave him alone

But the troll was stubborn

This bridge was her zone


Alas, at the end of the day

You won the silly game

You got the damn damsel

It was more of the same


Little did I know

The game meant more

You really were a prince

And your warning left the door


But at the time of the game

It didn't matter what we'd be

We were just kids in a room

Unaware of a future we didn't see


I miss our fantasies and games

Even though you'd always win

There was beauty in our innocence

Before the world had made us sin


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