9 - La Mujer La Negra

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The Narrator

Heinrich could hear the voices of the two men debating from his capsule. He waited patiently for them to stop. An hour passed, and Sergio and Gallagher were still loudly discussing something. An hour passed after that, and Seagale came down and began talking with the two men.

Another hour passed, and at the end of that hour, Gallagher and Seagale returned to the bus.

Zwoop! Heinrich's capsule door flung open. He tossed himself towards the side of the bed facing the capsule door, and with his half-sleepy eyes, he saw Mr. Gallagher and Ms. Seagale staring at him.

He lost his voice entirely at that moment and was paralyzed. He feared that Gallagher and Seagale thought that he was eavesdropping.

"The light, Kirt," was all that Mr. Gallagher said, pointing to it.

Heinrich nodded as Mr. Gallagher himself shut the capsule door on his and Ms. Seagale's ways to their respective capsules.

Heinrich couldn't sleep. He nevertheless waited for twenty minutes. After those twenty minutes, he quietly got out of bed, after turning off his capsule lights.

The aisle was dark, as Mr. Gallagher turned the walkway lights off. Everyone was asleep, and he could hear Mr. Gallagher snoring, albeit the capsule muffled the raw noise.

He turned towards the toilets and saw there was only a red light there. He then looked at the windshield and saw the portable lamp, which Sergio had set up on a pole to give light. All capsule doors were locked.

"Oww," someone behind him exclaimed, stifling their voice after he took three steps back. "Look where you're walking," he/she added.

"Who's that?" Kirt asked. His voice was so loud that the person behind him covered his mouth with his/her hand. He was alarmed. 

The smell of perfume and the size of the hand helped Kirt recognize that it was a girl's. "Be quiet, Kirt. You're gonna get both of us in trouble," whispered the person.

"Okay," he said with his voice stifled by the hand on his mouth. "Would you let me go now, Alice?"

Kirt Heinrich

It was Alice Boe who was behind me.

"What are you doing down here?" I asked.

"Not so loud, dude," she said, prompting me to lower my voice so that no one would know that we were awake.

"I think I should be asking you what you're doing being awake at this hour," replied Alice.

"I'm going to see Sergio."

"Wow. Me too," said another figure who came from another side.

I was about to shriek in shock before Alice quickly closed my mouth.

"You have an inclination to pull us right into trouble, Heinrich," she said.

"What?" asked the other person, rather loudly. I discovered that this person was Timothy McAllister.

"You're so like him," Alice said, rolling her eyes and sighing.

"Are you going to see Sergio, too, Boe?" I asked Alice, calling her by her surname.

"Duh!" she said, "Do you think I'll ever risk detention to do something unless it's essential."

"Okay, let's go then," I said.

We tiptoed through the aisle, making our way to Sergio's cabin.

"Ah! Heinrich, I was worried that I didn't invite you to come with me to where I wanted to take Alice and Tom to, but you came," said Sergio, expressing happiness that I came too, after opening his cabin's door to Alice's and McAllister's knocking.

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