Chapter 24

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Author's Note: I'm going camping this weekend so won't be posting until Monday. Sorry :(


Friday 19th of February

That day was the girls' 6 month anniversary. They didn't celebrate Valentine's Day earlier in the week since they wanted to have one special day and celebrate both.

Like their one month anniversary, they had agreed to no presents. After Christmas and Brittany's birthday, they couldn't think of anything to give each other. They had agreed to go out for dinner and watch a movie to celebrate instead.

School had just been a normal day. They were only going to spend the evening celebrating.


Santana climbed out of her car and ran around to the passenger side to open Brittany's door for her.

"Thank you." Brittany said with a giggle.

"Anytime. Right so I'll pick you up at 7 and then we can go for dinner. Does that work for you?" Santana asked.

"That's perfect. See you at 7!" Brittany replied.

They shared a quick kiss and walked their separate ways to go home.

Santana walked up to her room and took a shower. She spent the whole shower singing along to her favourite Fleetwood Mac songs and thinking about her date with Brittany. She was excited.

She stepped out of the shower and dried herself off. She sat down at her vanity and blow dried her hair. She then curled it and applied a light layer of makeup.

She put on her underwear and stood in front of the wardrobe pondering what to wear. It was still quite cold out so she didn't want to wear a dress. She flicked through her large collection of  clothes before settling on a pair of tight black pants and a white blouse. She put them on but felt something was missing. She found a large blue tie which she made into a bow to give the outfit a feminine touch. She threw on some black heels so she could be as tall as Brittany.

She grabbed her purse and put inside some money and her phone. Then she picked up a couple of blankets and a pair of converse and loaded up her car. She had an extra surprise for Brittany that technically didn't break their agreement.

She then walked over to Brittany's house.

"Hello, come on in." David Pierce greeted her at the door. "You look lovely."

"Oh, thank you." Santana said feeling flattered. "Is Britt ready yet?"

"Almost. I'm sure she's just putting on the finishing touches. Where are you off to tonight?" He enquired. They were stood at the bottom of the stairs waiting for Brittany.

"We're going to BreadstiX for dinner and then we're going to catch a movie. I've got a little surprise up my sleeve though." She winked at him.

"Ooo" he wiggled eyebrows. "Well I hope you have fun. What time will you be home?"

"I'm not completely sure, probably around 11. Is that alright?" She asked.

"Yes, of course. I just wanted to know so I know not to worry." He answered with a chuckle. He walked into the kitchen.

Brittany then wandered downstairs. She was dressed in black skinny jeans that hugged her perfectly and a loose fitting mustard jumper. Her hair was curled.

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