LAL ch.4

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Outside POV

"How could you Dean? I trusted that if she was ever to leave you would bring her back, but of course you didn't. I can't believe she fell for you. It's not right! You know it and you never stopped it!" Elena hissed at Dean.

"I was going to bring her back, for your information, but she wouldn't let me. You know how stubborn she is. She's just like you." Dean said but the last part came out softer.

"Is that why you like her?" She asked narrowing her eyes. Dean gave a look of disgust.

"Of course not. I would never be that selfish with Briana. You of all people should know that. You broke up with me after all. I may sound like a bastard, but if it wasn't for that I never would've gotten with Briana." He stated.

"You slept with her?!" She yelled.

"It's none of your business, Elena. You are welcome to see your sister, I won't stop you, but you better not come here trying to take her away from me. From us." He said thinking of Sam at the last minute.

"I am not going to be happy about this."

"Who asked you to be happy, Elena. No one needs to be worried about your happiness when there is as much shit going on in this world as there is." He said with his eyes narrowed and pointing his finger.

"Whatever Dean. You better not hurt her." She said.

"You know I wouldn't."

"Good." She said with her arms crossed. Her face was softer now that she knew the truth.

"Were friends, Elena and as friends I want to know I can trust you." He said before he turned to the door.

"You can trust me, Dean." She said sternly.



Briana's POV



They walked back in, the tension slowly fading as they rejoined the rest of us.

"So..." I said still bouncing on the bed.

"Nothing, Bri. It's fine. We talked about things and I'm ok about it." Elena said.

"You sure?' She asked standing up.

"Yes I'm sure." I walked over to Elena and hugged her.

"Thanks." I said. I pulled away and smiled before going back to the bed and sitting down.

"So what now?" I asked. I looked at the group of people, everyone was standing around, some tense and some curious. I was still worried about what Damon said. Did it really look like Sam and I liked each other? I didn't want Dean to be jealous of nothing. Unless Sam did like me. No, there was no way. He's like my older brother. I looked at Sam and gave him a small smile, ignoring the look Damon gave us. I walked over to Dean and he wrapped his arms around me. Stefan went over to Elena and walked in a hushed tone with her. He had overheard the conversation outside I was assuming.

I looked at Damon and he seemed to have turned his attention to them as well, but not fully because he still glanced over at me. I stuck my tongue at him and I think he smiled a little. Strange since he's the one who is acting all hostile.

I looked up at Dean and he smiled at me. The grin I look forward to seeing everyday. I smiled back and leaned on him again. He put his chin on my head and I closed my eyes, trying to ignore the thing I heard them talking about outside. I, among everyone else in the room, had heard the wrong part of that conversation.

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