45 minuets { DRAFT }

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"Fucking hurry, I told you that my parents come back in 45 minutes. Spin the damn bottle." Alexa yells out. She was getting extremely impatient with her group of friends. They couldn't follow simple directions and they were just doing everything she asked them not to do. She rolled her eyes as she watched her friends get all shy and start slowing down.

"Oh my fuck, you fucking fuckers." Spin the fucking bottle and kiss who it lands on and do it quickly. If I knew you all would act like pussies I wouldn't have invited you! We have 43 minuets before they get back. Now start spinning and kissing for leave!" She yelled. Her friends immediately did what she said. She rolled her eyes and waited anxiously as the bottle spins and spins.

Alexa has been planning to play a game of spin the bottle while her parents were away at a meeting for about two weeks now. She all her close friends and others she knew in the school. She wanted this to happen quick and smoothly and it was perfect plan. Her parents were away for about three hours for every meeting. She timed things perfectly, things didn't go as planned though. Her friends weren't following directions and she still had yet to get a turn, and all she wanted was a kiss. A kiss
From the girl she'd been crushing on since the fifth grade. She lifted her eyes and watched the girl who sat directly across from her smile and giggle at the teens around her. Alexa smiles watching her. The more she stared at her, the more anxious she got. She wanted so badly to kiss her. That was point in all of this.

She couldn't find the courage to ask the girl out or even start a regular conversation with her, this was the next best bet. And this was going horribly. She looked at the time and her eyes widened. Her parents wouldn't be home in thirty-five minuets and she still had to get her turn, get a room full out teens out of her house, as clean up before they arrived. She started to panic. She still had four people in front of her and she felt as if time was speeding up, yet going so slow.

"Thirty-five fucking minuets let's go, let's go." The teens around her hurried and went as fast as possible. The two kisses while the next one spun the bottle. Alexa looked over at her crush and seen that she was getting bored. Surprisingly, the bottle hadn't landed on the girl and when it was her turn, the bottle had landed on Alexas dog that had sat next to a group of teens right as she spun. Being that they we're running low on time, she could go again and there was no way she was kissing a dog. So the game continued on.

Alexa was happy about that, she was excited that she would be the girls first kiss of the night. She knew she would. Alexa had calculated this out, practiced two spinning of a bottle and the area in which she wanted it to one multiple times. This meant something to her and she was more than excited. Finally, there was one last person in front of Alexa and spun the bottle. The teens watched as it spun and spun until it finally stopped and landed. On the last person Alexa hoped it would land on. Her crush.

"Hell yeah, I get to kiss Normani's fine ass, and her first of the night. Let's go." The young boy bragged and he made his was over to the girl. Alexa rolled her eyes eyes.

"Hurry the fuck up Austin, this is the one and only tome you'll ever get to kiss her in your awful life,  so stop wasting time and kiss her already dipshit."  The teens, including Normani laughed as Austin rolled his eyes and grabbed the back of her neck and shoved his tongue down her throat. The teens cheered and booted as they made out. Alexa watched as the kiss lasted longer than it should've to her liking, so she broke it up.

"Okay, come one don't try to fuck her. It's my turn and you all still need to leave so sit your white ass down." Alexa said as she watched Austin wipe his mouth and sat next to her.

She snatched the bottle and got ready to spin it. She said a quick prayer before doing quick calculations in her head and spinning the bottle. The bottle spun almost agonizingly slow, or so Alexa felt. She bit her lip as it slowed down, ready to come to an end. Finally, it stopped. She looked at the bottle and the pair of ripped jeans it was pointed to before looking up.

Her crush looked at her with a big smile on her face, waiting for Alexa to make her move, but she didn't. The girl froze and didn't move one bit. The teens all groaned. Normani's smiles dropped as she stared back at the girl who looked like she refused to get up and kiss her. She pulled her gaze away from her and looked down.

"Come the fuck on Alexa, your parents are almost here aren't they? Kiss her and move on. Captain rush a hoe." Austin spoke to her, causing the teens to all laugh.

Alexa got and stood straight on her feet. They all looked up at the now standing girl confused. "Oh shit, you're really not gonna do it?" Someone said. Normani looked around the room and then up at the standing girl before decided that it was time to go.

"Um, no it's, it's cool- guys I think we should all leave her parents could b here any min-" Normani started before she was interrupted by a hand pulling her towards them and before she knew it, Alexa had her hands around the girls waist and was kissing her passionately. She almost immediately kissed back, and wrapped her arms around the growl neck. The kiss started off slow and sensual, before Alexa was bold and wrapped one hand around the brown girls neck and the other down to her ass, gripping it roughly. Normani whimpered out in surprise as she was pulled deeper into a kiss.

"Alright, Alright you two I think that's enough fucking. Aren't your parents gonna be here soon?" Austin asked? The two slowly pulled away after Alexa gave Normani a light peck. She looked over at the teens and spoke.

"Everyone out of my house, now! Thanks for coming, it's never happening again!" She said as the teens got up and exited her home.

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