Chapter 23 The Librarian goes Rogue

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Michael Riggs handed his wife a steaming mug and sat down beside her. The light from the kitchen window behind them was shining through the lace curtains and onto the covered back porch.

They could hear the sound of dishes being put away in the cupboard.

"Aren't they finished yet?" Amy wondered aloud.

A few moments later the clanking stopped, the lights were switched off, and they could faintly hear Perry Como's voice coming from the radio in the living room.

"Now they are," Michael said. He leaned forward so that he could see more of the sky. The rain was barely a sprinkle and over the tops of fir trees, he could just make out some starry patches between the clouds. He rested back and Amy unfolded her blanket so it covered his lap too.

"You're thinking about the case, aren't you?" she asked. "How is coming along?"

He shrugged. "Not as quickly as I'd like."

"It's never fast enough for you," she smiled. "But you are making progress, right?"

Michael wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "Yes, some. But I keep coming back to that gardening glove."

"The glove under her body or the glove the secretary says in his room?"

"Under her body. The other one is fairly straightforward. It was put there on purpose."

"By the murderer?"

The back door opened, and Rosie popped her head out. "Hey dad, there's a lady on the telephone and she wants to talk to you."

Michael frowned. "A lady?"

"Yeah, Janie forgot to ask her name, but she said the lady sounds important."

Riggs got up and went to the telephone. The kids were listening to the radio and he had to pull the receiver into the hallway so he could hear.

"Michael Riggs here."

"Riggs, it's Victoria. You said Loretta's former boss lives in Pioneer Square and has an art gallery?"

"That's right."

"Bremer Art Gallery, right?"


"Well, I'm in the telephone booth across the street from the gallery and you'd never guess what I'm looking at."

"The gallery?"

"An old, pale yellow Crosley sedan."

Riggs thought it over for a few moments. "You think it was the same one Forester saw the night of the murder?"

"I think Bremer has a great motive for killing Loretta and he doesn't have an alibi."

"Don't get too excited, Fisher's been asking around and it seems that before Miss O'Reilly disappeared, not only were she and Bernard Rompier very close, but it also seems that she loaned him money."

"How much?"

"No one is exactly sure, but it was substantial and there's no evidence that he paid her back."

"You'll need to find out if Loretta was also loaning him money," Victoria explained. "There may be a pattern, or Sarah O'Reilly may have just been inconvenient. But right now, I'm going to find out if Bremer owns any boots with uneven wear."

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