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Thank you guys for putting up with me and I'll try to do my best in these next chapters. Also I do have a kinda plot twist later, I'll give you a hint. I don't hate Lisanna so she's not the antagonist. Can you also read my poem, it really describes me and my struggles of being in the closet.

Natsu POV
I royally screwed up. I should have told Sting or Rouge about what was happening, Lisanna cast some sort of personality changing thing that I really don't understand or care about as long as I get MY Luce back. I am walking through the woods now about to meet Luce and I feel so queasy.
"Sting" I hear Luce call out, she can probably hear me and thinks I'm Sting. I mean why would the person who said he rather see you dead come to comfort you it doesn't make sense, yet here I am.
"No, it's me Luce." I hear her jump up,
"Leave me alone!" She whisper shouts, when I finally see her she looks at me, but with something I almost never see in her eyes...
"Ar-are you scarred of me" I ask feeling a mix of emotions, she looked at the ground before saying,
"You just told me you wanted to kill me, so I believe I have every right to be scared of you." I broke down at her words,
"Do you think I wanted to say that, no. It wasn't my  fault." I exclaimed.
"Oh so now you are blaming someone else."
"Please Luce, give me a chance to make it up to you..." I pleaded
"Make what up to me" I asked,
"Everything" I responded
"Wow that's actually rather mature she stated not looking me in the eyes.
"I know right, I feel pretty good about that comeback," she stands up.
"And when was what I said a challenge," she counters.
"Everything's a challenge"
"Oh, is it now, then you trying to get me to forgive you will be quite the challenge" she says.
"If it means I see you at my side then I'll except" I say truthfully,
She stands up and looks at me, then walks off,
Challenge excepted
Lucy POV
Wow what he said is so nice, but he is really naive if he thinks he will be able to get me to forgive him...
"Luce your back" Sting yells upon noticing me,
"Yea let's keep going to this mystery location"
"Lu-Chan when we get back can we redecorate my room together," she says as we already start on our way launching into a new conversation every few minutes. After hours of walking we arrive at somewhere very familiar. Then it hits me, this is where my moms grave was moved to, and my dad's is here too.
"Guys" I cry out, I throw my arms around the group, "this is so nice" I whisper.
"What the hug or the location," Rouge asks, Sting elbows him, "obviously the location"
"Actually both" I say with a bright smile on my face as we start to walk down to the grave.
"Hahah Sun Shine was wrong." Natsu laughs.
"What the hell sort of a nickname was that" Sting yells.
"Guys quiet down we're here to pay respects" Erza says as she glares.
"Aye sir" they say as they link arms.
"Yea people are dying to get in here" Yukino giggles out,
"Since when do you make dad jokes" I say. She shrugs as we open the door we split up so I can have time alone, I head for mom's grave and I kneel down,
"Hey mom" I start "been a while, nine years for you and two for me, the time I lost on Tenrou island, it hurt, i say remembering, when I came back dad was dead, I didn't even give him a notice, I, i feel horrible and i can't do anything about it," I choke out before continuing " and now Natsu is trying to renter my life, and I want  to trust him so bad, but I can't forget what happened, I can't trust him and I don't know if i can, and if I do trust him again, I might be tempted to join Fairy Tail and I don't think I can do that to my Saber friends, I'm so confused." Then suddenly someone raps their arms around my shoulder and squats next to me, I see pink and a scaled scarf. Natsu stands and I stand with him, I hug him and cry into to him.
"I'm sorry" he finally says. "For everything, I didn't mean to hurt you and i didn't want to and, I-I miss you so much, I didn't mean to make things harder on you,I just want things back to the way they were, me, you going on jobs together with not a care in the world," I nodded in agreement,
"This is not fair, your taking advantage of my sad state," I said said jokingly looking up at him,
"Well you never set any rules," he laughed. I felt the vibration when he talked, and I could hear his heartbeat.
"I'm tired" I grumble,
"Okay" he whispers in my ears , his breath is warm and his voice is soothing, he picks me up bridal style, and I fall asleep listening to his heartbeat. When I woke up I was in a bed and team Sting was on the couch. When I sat up the bed creaked, Sting turned around
"Morning sleeping beauty," he says laughing.
"What time is it and where are we," I grumble.
"Well someone is not a morning person," he laughs again, am I really that funny to others, "we are at an inn we decided to spend the night then take the train in the morning, and it's 5:00 also we are meeting the Fairies for dinner at 6:00 before we go our separate ways"
"M'kay" I say getting out of bed heading for the bathroom to get ready.

K I'm done, also I'm gonna start a new story for BNHA soon so stay tuned.

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