Chapter 8

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Benji hadn't heard back, but he assumed Nora would be up for their date tonight. He also realized that if they were to watch a movie, Benji wouldn't be able to see Jorge. It would go after dusk. Maybe there would be something else she would like to do. Although Nora wasn't one who struck Benji as the talking type.

"Your Highness, good evening." She said as she bowed, more words than Benji had heard her say ever. "I want to sincerely apologize for my behavior yesterday. Not saying a word was quite inappropriate, and I should not address one who would be my husband like that." She was stiff. And said she would be his husband. Quite confident but reserved. Her hair was pulled up in a beautiful fashion, and she was in a different dress than the one Benji noticed at breakfast. She must have had her maids redo her entire look for Benji.

"Would you be up for something other than a movie? Something where we can get to know each other."

"That would be nice, Benjamin." She slid her arm into Benji's but she made sure to keep a safe distance. "How about a walk in the gardens? I viewed them as we walked in, they were quite beautiful." Benji nodded, celebrating to himself inside. The pair walked through the corridors, making their way to the large double doors. Because it was only seven, the sun was still clearly out. It laid a nice blanket of light on the living plants outside.

"We make sure that every single one of our plants are well cared for. Our gardeners do an amazing job."

Isn't that kind of biased, Benji?

He shook the thought out of his head and kept walking. To his surprise, Nora knew quite a few of the flowers there.

Up ahead, Jorge was working on a few plants. He looked up to find Benji and Nora arm in arm, and met Benji's eyes. Benji couldn't figure out Jorge's expression, but he knew there wasn't a sign of happiness in it. More of a disappointing look.

"Oh, you may be dismissed. We want to be alone." Nora demanded, which made Benji cringe. He didn't want Jorge leaving, but what would that look like if he told Jorge to stay? It wouldn't look good. Workers and servants in the palace weren't to make any connections with the prince. Jorge scrambled his stuff together, trying to leave as quickly as possible. He broke his eye contact with Benji, looking away almost ashamed. "How rude," Nora remarked. "He didn't even bow before leaving."

"Nora, it's okay."

"No, I wouldn't want someone being outright rude when I become Queen." Benji had to hold himself back from rolling his eyes.

"You're right." The rest of the date had an awkward feel to it, with both of them not making much conversation.

Two down, three more dates to go. That was what he promised.

He went back out after an hour when Nora wasn't with him. Jorge wasn't there.

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