Chapter 56

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Neil's POV

Ayesha Raichand, the CEO of Elma Group of Diamond companies.

" What is it Bhai ? " Jai asked.

" Ayesha Raichand's driving licence. " I replied in a cold voice.

" That's amazing, Neil. Finally, we will find her. I just want to know that where does she live. I mean we as well as our private investigators searched for her all over India but then none of us were able to find her." Sam said nicely to me maybe for the second or third time in these months.

I chuckled darkly at his statement and replied, " That's because we were finding her in India while she was present in London since the beginning. "

" What ? " came the shocking reactions of all the people present in that room.

" Yes... London. Mom and Dad she's the daughter of our New York diamond business partner Mr Ayush Raichand. " I said showing Dad her driving licence.

" What ? How is this even possible. I mean you told us that she was not so rich. But then this... " He said looking at her licence.

" Because that's what she had told me earlier ! She was lieing to me since the beginning. It's not done Dad... It's not fucking done.

How can she punish me for lieing to her when she herself was the one who has been lieing since the beginning.

I mean I agree to the fact that I wanted to hurt in the beginning. But then I changed. Her love changed me. Look at her ! She was lieing to me.

She cannot punish me for something which she herself was doing since the beginning.

I will... I will go and get her back. She has come to with me. This time she won't get a choice ! " I yelled.

" Neil... This is not the way to get her back. Be calm ! Think patiently. " Mom advised.

" How come you never recognised her even though she's the daughter of your business partner ? " Abhay asked.

" Her father is not the owner of Elmas. It's her... Ayesha. She's the owner as well as the CEO of that company. Even when I had signed the deal with them around 2 years back then also I had read the name of their CEO as to be
A. Raichand.

Never ever had I thought in my wildest dreams that she would happen to be my own wife in future !" I replied.

" Oh yes. How can we forget the news that had shook the entire business world around 6 years back ?

The most surprising as well as deadliest news that Ayush has transferred all his properites and has handed over his CEO position to his only daughter who happens to be
A. Raichand at the age of 14. " Dad said taking out his coat.

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