Ch 2/ Part 2

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When she fled from the twilight room it felt as if he were thrown back in time to endure once again the agony of her defection and, most of all, the cruel flint of jealousy that was scorching him alive till this day.

Furious and embittered, every little thud of his heart on the confines of his ribcage was like a punch thrown against a damned rock.

However, it's what happened before her flight this evening that still had him stunned. Hard to trust if his twisted mind hadn't just played a sick joke on him.

Elaine kissed him. Him!

A kiss she initiated. Elaine, who had had puked her guts out when she realised to whom exactly she had handed her virginity.

Yes, she had kissed him. A surge of fierce victory coursed through Trevor.

Part of him wanted to go break open the doors to her room and force out from her the same passionate abandon she showed him earlier. And only when they had both satisfied their fiery need for each other would he demand the meaning of this confounding one-eighty she pulled on him. He could have bet his life she hated his guts.

But no woman fuming with hate for a man could respond to him like she did, could she?

There was that other part of him which reasoned Elaine and he, both were at the end of their tether. One wrong move could obliterate things as before, something which he found himself strongly unwilling to see.

Trevor had never known this gripping fixation with any other woman.

Even as a young lad of twenty-one with too many women in his bed to count, his world completely tilted on its axis for a lass only fifteen. He had tried to stay away. Jesus, how he fought his growing fascination with her. Carried the rotting carcass of a losing battle over his shoulders for all of two years, twenty-seven days and three hours.

And then, the lass went ahead and enslaved his heart in a span of one earth shattering grand fuck of his life. Though later, she couldn't have run faster into the en suite bathroom if her tail was caught on fire.

No doubt dying to wash away every last trace of him!

Only Elaine had ever managed to screw with his mind like this. All this time she had treated him like a terminal disease. Never deigned to look in the same direction he did. Words for him only came in the form of criticism and insults to her.

But today, that very mouth sluiced his with its sweetest honey. Her body, his forbidden fruit, laved his lust with the heat of its own fire. It reignited every hungry thought, every ardent need that took over him seven years past. And whose effect he still felt in his viscera.

Bare feet he retracted his steps to the large bed by the head wall in his room. Lying down spread eagle, his skin felt stretched on every tendon, every sinew. The ache in his groin, unbearable.

A memory from long ago sprang before his eyes. Elaine had been so young, so fragile in his hands, he was afraid if he touched her with any force she might break. But she hadn't. Peal of her moans from that indescribable moment still had the strength to harden his cock mutinously.

His body's craving commanded his mind to relive in that memory, just as he had done countless of times when need for her rose too strong.

Elaine's creamy thighs opened to him in invitation. Their slide up his legs, the skim of her soft flesh against his tough, solid muscles, and he was lost. Took the plunge for the heavens.

Aye, Jesus, he was in heaven. All senses centred on her. Deeper, so god damned deeper he wanted to bury inside Elaine, liquid walls enveloping him snugly.

Harsh sounds of his laboured breathing rang in the room. Trevor's fist pumped on his shaft vigorously as the fly of his slacks lay roguishly open. His bare chest rose and fell in tune with the rapid beats of his heart.

Elaine's sultry image beneath him was driving Trevor mad. He wanted to reach within her where no other man had ever touched her before. But gazing up at him her coy smile altered into a taunting grin on her face, that said, he could try, but he would never be that man for her.

No! No, she won't!

She won't keep from him what was his. He would just have to take what wasn't given. Stake his claim.

And he did. Harder. Faster.

When he came, the explosion left him.. unsatisfied, disgruntled.. indignant, and his hand filled with his semen.

This was what he's reduced to. Trevor McBain, the wealthy Director of McBain Industries, who had women crawling on their knees for him to take them to his bed, jerking himself in the dark to the image of a lass who wanted nothing to do with him.

But then.. how to explain the fire of response in her this evening?

Christ, he was going insane!

That's it, no more grappling with aggravating uncertainties. Between the two of them, there was clearly enough tension for even a blind man to see.

One night. That's all he was willing to give Elaine. She could take her mask of cool disdain to her bed this night, though come tomorrow there would be no skirting the inevitable.

But if he got one whiff of lies, deception from her, then nothing could stop him from taking his own course.

And what he came up with then, Trevor thought with relish, Elaine wouldn't care for. Though by that time, the choice would have slipped from her pretty little fingers.

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