♕Day Three: Part V - The Funeral♕

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Everything Yanyu knew and held dear to her heart meant nothing. She couldn't keep her eyes off her uncle's corpse. It was Yuzuko's idea to hold a funeral. Uncle Fan had walked Yanyu down the aisle yesterday, it seemed only fit for her to put him to rest in a dignified manner. Uncle Fan had always known how to make the best out of everything even with the little they had, and compared to others in her country, Yanyu actually had a lot.

The little apartment Yanyu and Fan lived in for all their lives, had a balcony looking over the Oriental Pearl Tower. Tourists paid hundreds of dollars just to wake up to its view. Yanyu always wanted a big island by herself with Chang-Hoon. Now she had Chang-Hoon as a husband, she wanted the old days back. She wanted

There could have only been one person responsible. It seemed convenient that Mariangela was swept up for a show after his death. Bobby, a catholic priest had conducted the service in the Buddist room of the temple. 

The ceremony was traditional with candle flames flickering in every direction. Incense sticks crumbled in front of Buddha statues. The tranquil atmosphere was something rare on the Isle of Hakai, and something her Uncle Fan would have approved. 

"Last night, my Uncle Fan walked me down the aisle. This afternoon I lay him to rest. I don't know what triggered Mariangela to kill him; they didn't know each other, nor did they ever speak to each other.

She must have felt she had something to gain from his death. I could stand here and vow vengeance. I can fantasize about breaking her delicate neck and shaving her red curls till her head bleeds raw. I could hover and decide whether I should kill her fast before she harms another soul or let her die a slow and painful death. It wouldn't take long with her tiny frame.

Because Uncle Fan would not want me to become a killer. I must live my life in peace. If I live with hatred in my heart, all the things Uncle Fan did for me would have been for nothing.

Despite my admiration for my Uncle, the man that raised me to become the fine lady I am today, my last words to him were: I hate you.

I didn't know that it would be the last time I would see him. We argued a fair few times and we would both meditate and carry on our day as if nothing had ever happened. He was sceptical of my love for Chang-Hoon. The idea of online romance was alien to him. But once I proved to him that our love was real. He accepted it.

Someone once told me that even when the body dies, the soul and the ego lived on. Uncle Fan will always live on as my guardian angel."

The service ended. The room had been full of people sitting down to meditate in Uncle Fan's honour. All the surviving contestants, apart from Mariangela were there, followed by Sergeant Dust, Daz Muffin and a handful of soldiers. There was only one man that Yanyu didn't know where he came from. 

That man stood up, flashing his navy coat and running his head through his bold hair. "That was a wonderful service." He went out to shake Yanyu's hand. "The name's Bucks. Ivan Bucks. You don't know me, but you know my sister." He leaned over to the microphone and hissed, "she's an absolute bitch, isn't she?" No one objected. "And I thought I'd come here to let you know that my son, Ivan Bucks Jr. is running for president. And my son would greatly appreciate your support." Ivan Bucks Sr. turned to look at Lavender and Christian. "And if you two are still alive, then I'd appreciate it if you vote for my son next Tuesday. And that's that. I'm gonna make a move. I wish you all the best of luck!" Ivan shook his head and marched as if he was on a catwalk. 

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