Faerie Love - Chapter 1

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Charlie's Diary

1st October 2009

Dear Diary

Dear Dad,

Even though I've never meet you I'm going to write this diary to you as mum said a diary is not a diary unless it is written to someone special.

I guess she used to put your name to, but then you left her so she went back to writing the good old 'Dear Diary'. I don't see why you left her. I mean she's not that fat, and she's v. pretty. I would never be able to leave her.

She pretty in a unique way. She has sparkling blue eyes, which sparkle and shine when she's happy but nana says since you left they look empty and sad. She never laughs either. And it's all your fault.

I don't know if I like you or not. You can't be angry with me. I've never met you. Talking of people I've never met Tom's girlfriend is coming round today with him.

She's like one of thosebitches you see on Disney Channel. The ones who all they care about are themselves and that they rule the school! Her names Melanie. I mean come on! What a soppy name. I could rant about her for ages but she's not worth my time.

This new Diary is stunning. Tom gave it to me for our birthday. I gave him one to. We both knew we wanted one so we bought one.

The one i bought him is black leather. It has a sliver snake on with green jewels for eyes and teeth outstreached. I also has a black ribbon inside to mark where you are.

My ones cream. It has aWolf on the front. It's white and made out of wood. It's eyesare closed and it it howling at the full moon. It has a gold ribbon inside.

The weirdest things have been happening lately dad. Cool but certainly weird! I woke up and looked in the mirror and i look totally different.

I mean I still had black hair but it was curly, like a dolls and reached my shoulders, violet eyes that sparkled, weird long ears that suited me and pale skin. I looked like a fairy.

Also one day at school my hands burnt so i looked down and there were these intricate tatoo's on them.

Please help me dad.

C xx

Charlotte closed the diary and slid it underneath her pillow.

She knewTom wouldn't look, but it was fun, like herown private secret.

'Tooooom!'she heard a nasaly voice whine.

It was time to meet the next Barbie Girlfriend...............

Soo yeaah, i know that my last story was a fail - i won't make excuses. I was new to watt pad and didn'tpre-write some chapters out. SO..........

Now i'm here with some new chapters, some pre written ones saved anda whole new story!

Plz comment and tell me what you think xxx :)

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