Fifty - One

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Skylar's POV:

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Skylar's POV:

I was embarrassed. Highly.

"Come on, bro! I thought somebody broke in." Shane whined before throwing himself on the couch.

"But this sight was more...nice." Jesse smirked, giving a knowing look towards Adrian.

I placed a hand over my burning face. I swear I was blushing so much that I could even see red now. Caden tugged me closer towards him before nuzzling his head deeper in my neck.

Did he care that I was dying of embarrassment right now?

"Bad timings." Caden muttered.

"She is the girl." Adrian whispered over to Jesse's ear. Which I'm sure wasn't meant as a whisper.

I felt like going back to my home, in my room, inside my blanket, and forget about the whole world for an entire century.

"If I had known these two were making out, I wouldn't have sacrificed my sleep." Shane kept on whining in the pillow.

That increased the level of embarrassment.

Finally, what felt like ages, Caden turned around and looked at them. I was glad to finally hide my face behind his back. God, it was burning.

"You two don't look like you were sleeping." He pointed off to Jesse and Adrian. They literally looked like they would start jumping up and down in excitement.

Could they make it more embarrassing?

"We were!" Jesse came towards him before placing an arm around Caden's shoulder. "Until we heard voices."

I didn't even realize when Adrian crept up behind me and wrapped one arm around my shoulders. "Voices that sounded like-"

"Stop it, please." I interrupted before placing both of my palms on my cheeks. "It's very much embarrassing already."

Both of them broke out laughing. Caden just rolled his eyes.

"Can we talk about all those details tomorrow?" Shane looked up from his pillow. "I'm so darn tired."

I was relieved somebody was on my side.

"Me too." I added looking at him hopefully. He got up from the couch. "Follow me, lady. I'll show you the guest room."

I dodged Adrian's arm around me and happily followed him.

"Hey! I thought she was sleeping in Caden's room." Jesse spoke up as I heard Adrian snicker. Before I could've started begging Shane to keep walking, Caden stopped me by holding onto my elbow.

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