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* Taina POV *
I tried to work so much and keep myself busy for these past 2weeks, Isaiah was suppose to be coming back today he said i spoke to him two days ago, and this is how it went he would answer or call every two days but i didn't nag him cause it's business he went out there for and i suppose i trust him:) I did my hygiene & put my clothes on i was going to get my hair done and stop by the nail shop to get my nails done over for my man, i made plans & reservations for us tonight i couldn't wait til he got back. I grabbed my keys and locked up the house heading to the hair salon, trying a new color with some inches cause my chocolate drop😍♥️ said it would look cute on me after getting dolled up in the hair salon i was heading next door to get my nails cut down and a different color i over heard girls talking about their mans i was just listening til i heard a familiar name " yes isaiah treats me so good, let me tell youuuuu i had to get all cute he suppose to be back in town tonight i know for sure it wasn't my man but i would add my two cents in the convo to see oh your bf name is zay too? i asked she look at me smiling yes, isaiah drug lord from BR girl i love him he gives me everything and been spending so much time with me i just came back from down there on a lil trip with him but i had to leave early so i thought to myself nope not my zay still so i congratulated her on her happiness until she showed a picture of him & i was furioussssssssss if smoke was able to come out my ears you would most def see it right now; so i decided i would go along & be nosey "oh he's handsome" how long ya been dating i asked before she said 3 months; not long but good timing, ya taking trips already i asked but more to myself ; girl he would not let me say no to going he called my boss & everything i smiled & got up paying before i told everybody enjoy their day & left out:)
* 30 minutes later * i finally pulled up to my house i decided i would not bring it up until i seen him, i showered & laid down before i dozed off.
*9am the next morning* i cant believe i slept the whole day away & i did not get one call from zay i started to do my hygiene i can't believe i'm going through this again but better now than later i thought to myself i got dressed & grabbed my keys; i'm hungry so i'll stop by DD before my shoot, walking i seen the same girl " sasha" from the nail salon & she decided to walk up to me " hey girl i remember you from yesterday, our boyfriends got the same name in" omg let me tell you he got back to town yesterday & he had reservations at this romantic hotel booked for us & yes girl look at these pictures it was beautiful there you and ya man should try it out it's relaxing * i smiled* only getting madder that i booked at that hotel lastnight for us & that was suppose to be us. I got my coffee & walked out but not before getting her number; Soon as i got in my car zay called me i decided to act normal & let him know i will meet him after my shoot, we both agreed on a nice dine-in & hung up. I walked in to my session getting out my clothes to change.
       *2 hours later *i was done, i wiped off my make up before changing my shorts back & grabbing my keys to head out; pulling off to meet zay for the last time and i sat outside the restaurant thinking to even go in. i finally got out the car walking in seeing him wave me down i walked over as he stood for me to slide in the booth not even thinking of me getting up leaving early, why did i just slide in here i thought to myself. I stared at him before we both smiled and i put my head down before he picked it up & leaned in for a kiss our lips touched and then i leaned back, he looked at me with worry asking what's wrong before i asked how his trip was & did he meet any girls down there he gave me a nervous laugh & said no i was about to speak until our server came & he let out a deep breath until
he looked up seeing "sasha" & just then her mouth dropped & she stepped back & started taking off her stuff, i was just telling you about me & his long vacation, about lastnight, showing you pictures & how he treat me good this why you was so interested cause your sleeping with him? he just looked at sasha telling her stop & to calm down they'll talk later, first of all ms. i wasn't even interested you kept stopping me showing me this & that to try and make me jealous not knowing who i was; but this was the last date i just came to let him know that i knew what he was doing & to break it off i said before picking up my purse & heading to my car; seeing zay come out behind me he came to my window begging me to open the door but i didn't & couldn't, i leaned my head on the steering wheel looking to the opposite side of him letting my tears go from him & kentrell, before i seen him pop up in the window & yell no don't cry to me, & i just wiped my tears seeing his gf come out and they start arguing again i took my chance right there to drive off. I can't believe he's just like everybody else he came off so different💔 i drove home & rushed up the stairs to shower, i was slowly letting my tears fall, i was confused hearing the room door swing open forgetting he had a key i tried to wipe my tears so fast & act nonchalant but that didn't stop him from walking in the bathroom; I turned my head away from him, he screamed at me & screamed til i finally looked at him & i could tell i broke him inside just by seeing me hurt from him! i turned the water off got out & stepped out grabbing my towel he stood right here just looking at me it was turning me on but i wouldn't show it, i walked past him not before he grabbed my hard & i snatched it away just for him to snatch it right back i could tell this wasn't gon just end nicely well i thought. After being in a silent room for 30 minutes trying to get dress i finally was done & walked out going to the room next door he did nothing but follow wanting to talk, but his gf talked for him, you didn't want me to travel with you cause you begged someone else to go? i had these beautiful plans for you coming home yesterday at the same hotel ya was at, you didn't call me or send no text a warning nothing! you just called me every two days while you was down there now i see why but i guess your like the rest huh? i asked he just stared at me before i laid down on the couch just pulling the cover over my head praying i get over him and this situation fast but wish all the best for & to him! he just stood there trying to get me to pay attention & calm down before he gave up i really wish you the best baby & leaving out, i got up to chase him just because i didn't want him to walk out on me like kentrell did without really putting up a fight, i wanted to feel loved & wanted but i know he has true anger issues so he'll leave before he let it get extra heated, i ran behind him beating on his back asking why would he cheat on me, & for him to talk to me even though he tried! he lifted me up holding my arms together so i wouldn't hit him nomore before he walked me back in the house & sat me down " you know i'm not gon hit you back, you know my intentions was to never hurt you i didn't mean for it to happen how it happen & to avoid any more hurt i'm gon leave this here but i'll always be here for you he said kissing me deeply before walking out.

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