Moved On📌

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* Taina POV *
It's been 2 long months since i moved out of kentrell's house and even seen him again, i changed my number & moved into my own apartment almost 2 hours away from where he live. After crying over him and going weeks without no calls from him i finally gave up & moved on. I been talking to this boy i grew up with he just got out of jail and we started off as me just helping a friend but he's been here for me a lot, i vent to him, tell my
happy moments & he's there after a long day:) His name is Isaiah but everybody calls him Zay except me he's my chocolate drop😍♥️ He loves that name:) Baeeeeeee? I heard him scream from upstairs, no need to yell i'm coming now boy! * he laughed* i walked upstairs and seen him tryna decide on what to wear? well where are you going? " WE" going out, he said so you get dressed also i wanna take you out and show you how much you deserve it.
*40minutes later* after we were both dressed and matching i took a picture with his back facing the mirror with him holding me"i posted it on instagram" Caption: #NoTmz but babe🥰 i know you got me 4L💚, thank you for always falling through.
* turn comments off*
& i closed the app, minutes later i seen kentrell name pop up but i didn't pay it no mind cause we were heading out i don't know where we was going i just know my baby was driving, & speaking of driving i even gave kentrell back his customized car he brought me for my birthday & he passed it down to his somewhat friend, gf whatever she was:) after driving for what seems like forever we were finally at king spa i got out with so much excitement posting on ig " bae brought me here for a date, well needed & i haven't been here in months so thank you love" & i captured every moment. He got us a hotel so we won't have to drive back being as though it was getting dark after doing everything in here. We got dressed for our dinner reservations & it took me a lil longer because my hair was wet & sweated out after he forced me in the pool & steam room :( but he loved my natural wild hair and i hated it sometimes; it's just to much to tame, that's why i stuck with frontals or closures.
nba_youngboy: you left me alone to do this, you moved on a lil fast guess i never meant nothing to you! you didn't even wait for me to explain myself, but it's okay i love you stay happy.
i just looked at the message and wanted to cry my eyes out but then that would
mean he won, so i ignored his message for now and decided to record some more moments of me and bae playing around while getting dress for dinner.

* Kentrell POV*
I'm At the studio working on a new song and people calling me telling me to check out Tay instagram and she got a new nigga! That's how she playing now she just move on from me and live life happy, i decided to write her and let her know how i feel i know i'm wrong for not even trying to work it out or explain to her, but she gave me enough time & i did what i wanted so it was my fault. I leaned back in the chair put my headphones on; I was in deep thought cause it wasn't her doing wrong but seeing her happy with someone else didn't sit right with me she always put me first and i put her last after everything we been threw now she was finally in someone else hands but it's only me to blame. I didn't know how to stomach this, i got in my car and sped home to nikki i needed to relieve my stress i know this the wrong way this the reason why i'm like this but i needed it she made me feel good. After 30 minutes of us having rough sex we got in the shower and went another round before i washed up, got out and laid down. Nikki kind of live with me she still has her house but she stays here house to big to be alone, my mom, sisters & brother won't even come over here and visit after how i did Taina so i needed somebody & she was here i was getting tired of her presents, missing taina so much but i know i fucked up💔 & it was no way she was coming back with open arms.
* Taina POV*
I'm upset that Isaiah has to go back to our hometown for 2weeks for business, I won't have no one to cuddle me, do things with, or to tell how my day went, i whined to him before he leaned over & kissed my lips, don't say that shit again i'm going to answer every phone call like im still right here still going to work to get you like i don't got you, i blushed and he kissed me again before going back to packing his suitcase i just sat on the bed and stared at the ceiling before i started silently crying,he noticed i was quiet and came to pick me up before taking me in the bathroom and placing me on the sink; looking me dead in my eyes telling me you don't have nothing to worry about i'm coming back for you i would bring you with me you know i would but i want you to continue to work, photoshoots, do your online classes and wait for daddy, i smiled and looked away before letting more tears slip, he looked at me confused" it was just i got attached to him so soon and didn't want him to do me how kentrell did but i wouldn't say that so i just hugged him and wiped my face before going downstairs & sitting in the chair by the island alone.

Tell me how ya like it so far, what do i need to work on?:)

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