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"Where's your friend?" Jax asks as Kira opens the front door. 

She tucks her phone inside her pocket and lead Jax towards the kitchen area, "She's with her family for the whole weekend. They always spend time together during the weekends. I just hindered her from doing so these past weeks."

"You feeling okay?" Jax asks her as he sits on one of the seats in the kitchen. Kira nods, taking out a left-over pizza from the refrigerator and a pineapple juice. She heats the pizza in the oven before taking a seat across from Jax and nodding her head, "I guess so."

Jax nods, "You guess so?"

Kira looks at him, quite laughing to herself a little bit and that somehow made Jax happy, seeing her smile after many weeks of seeing her all with a frown. She stands up to get the pizza and then starts talking, "I don't really think I'll be ever to put aside searching or trying to remember what really happened before the accident. But I think I just have to deal with life in the present and not in the past. I've already taken up much of you and El's time, it's kinda pathetic for my part."

"You don't need to feel bad," Jax says, "the world never blames someone for having an amnesia or being in an accident or something."

"Gee, I feel better," Kira says sarcastically which made Jax laugh, "Pizza?"

"I was dying for one."


"I love reading books," Kira says, "but I can't remember the last time I actually held one."

They're at the bookstore trying to find for some new reads since Kira won't be doing anything but stay in the house for the next months. She hasn't applied to any colleges, deciding that it would be better to take a gap year. She's still confused as to what she really wants to do with her life.

Now with Emiline not being by her side, she doesn't really have anyone to shape her plans with.

Which again, she realizes isn't something she needs to depend on Emiline, or for anyone on that matter, it's her life after all.

"Try this," Jax says handing her a book with lilies on its cover. It looks pretty, and intriguing, Kira thought. She raises her eyebrow at him, wondering why he's suggesting books all of a sudden.

"You like reading?" she says quite amused as she looks at him, still with the book in her hands.

Jax shakes his head, "No. I just saw my sister crying over that book a few days ago. She wanted to tell me the story about it but I couldn't care less. I figured it must've been good for her to get so emotional."

"You've never read any novels, don't you?" Kira asks him, now examining the back cover of the book.

"I've read some," Jax admits, "but I haven't really been that emotionally attached to one."

"What kind of books are you reading?" she asks, "Books are supposed to make you feel. Just like how art is supposed to make people feel."

"Well, I suppose I am not just that into books."

Kira shrugs, "Well I guess so."

For the next fifteen minutes, Jax just quietly look at Kira while she's looking for two more books to read for the next days. He's quite mesmerized by how concentrated her features looks while she's busy picking out stories that she might like. He feels sad for what happened to her, and he figures that maybe, staying by her side would at leats lift anything that's been bothering her for the past month.

"Just, stay by her side. You two are friends now, right? It wouldn't be hard. Just take care of her, for me. And I know we may not be that close, but I believe that you'd be able to take care of her. I've seen it, in the past weeks," Emiline had told him.

He shakes the memory of Emiline away. Back then, he really isn't sure why Emiline said that. But as days goes by, he's starting to see it making sense. 

It's crazy.

"I'm gonna get these," Kira says snapping him out of his trance, "You okay?"

Jax shrugs, and the he nods at Kira, "Yeah, yeah. I'm fine."

"You sure?" Kira asks, "You look a little troubled."

"I'm sure," he replies, "So you're gonna get the one I suggested?"

Kira looks for the book inside the basket and then returns her gaze towards the man standing in front of her, "Yes. It seems pretty good. And plus, I liked some of the author's books."


"What's this?" Jax asks Kira as she extends her right hand holding a copy of a book. Kira laughs, then pushes the book towards his chest.

"I have nothing to do for the next months ahead," she says, "so I might as well teach you how to love books. Start with this."

Jax chuckles, looking at her in amusement. The sound of the rain outside can be heard, and he's thinking about sleeping after a long tiring day when he gets home, and not read a book.

"I'm not saying that you need to read the book immediately," Kira says as if sensing his thoughts, "But just give it a shot."

This time he laughs at the woman standing in front of him. She's unbelievably bubbly when she's not sad and moping around Emiline, and he kind of enjoy her presence, but he's still not into reading books.

"Oh come on," Kira says, "It's not like I'm asking you to love me. I'm just asking you to give reading a shot."

"Loving you would be much more easy than reading a book," he says chuckling as he refuses to take the book that Kira's still shoving in front of him.

Kira rolls her eyes as she laughs, "Oh don't be too cheeky."

"Fine," Jax says taking the book as he shakes his head, "I'll try reading this. But I cannot promise you that I'm gonna be able to finish this."


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