Beginning/Stood Up

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I been sitting here all night waiting for kentrell to walk in this door, i can't believe he would stand him up and have me waiting to go on a date that he doesn't bother to show up for!
I'm sorry let me introduce myself i'm Taina 19 years old from Baton Rouge Louisiana, i met my boyfriend kentrell on a trip to ATL he's signed under my father label to rap. We been on & off for 4 years first we were friends & when we felt like we was old enough to move forward we did. Anyways, i got ready & all cute for this date he called me about after us arguing all week he finally wanted to take me out so i agreed to go and here he go standing me up again i don't know why i even try with him anymore maybe it's because i love him and i know we still young but instead of him playing me he can just break it off. I called him over 10 times and no answer!
*2 Hours Later*
i'm tired of waiting around no call back, no text back, nothing i got up I washed my make up off and got in the bed it's to late to get up and go anywhere right now so why even bother let's see what's his excuse now if he decides to come home tonight.

* Kentrell*
ahhhhh daddy keep doing i love when you fuck me like this, my shawty nikki say! oh you do? turn around bend over i ease right into her i love fuckin her she always make me feel good not better then my girl but she does her thing! OHHHH SHIT my girl let me end this shit.. " i'm bout to cum" me too daddy we both cum together & i pulled up my pants, so you not staying she ask? nah bae i got some business to handle with the studio i'll be back. She know about taina she just think i broke it off with her.
Soon as i get in the car i pick up my phone *16 Missed Calls From Wifey* Oh shit she gon kill me i forgot all about our date and i know i'm suppose to be making up for some shit but here I am messing up some more! I really love her but the temptation i been around is hard especially with being a upcoming rapper.

- sorry it's so short this is my first book so bare with me:) & thanks for reading!

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