65. Death is Inevitable

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Quick Note:
Remember this is a werewolf book and it is also fantasy. So the continents are sort of fused all together, not really divided by the large oceans.
(Makes for easier travel)

If that makes sense😂😂


~ Same Day: 3:30 PM ~

Throbbing and pounding, it felt like a toothache in my brain. I could barely open my eyes. They refused to listen to me. The pain I felt was like someone had taken a knife and shoved it into my skull.

I couldn't feel my legs. It felt like they were being stretched out and I couldn't feel anything.

Just numbness.

The rest of the world became detached and all I could focus on was the pain I was feeling in my head.

I attempted to shake my hands but it felt like I was experiencing Sleep Paralysis and it was beginning to freak me out. I finally shot my eyes open rapidly and shifted my lens side to side, and all I saw was complete black.

My breathing intensified.

My eyes were open but I could only see complete darkness.

What the hell!

I shut my eyes closed once more and took a deep breath in, then out, before opening my eyes again.

My vision was blurred, the only thing I could see what a small window up high. I was laying down, faced up at the cement ceiling.

Where was I?

I turned my aching head to my left. I pushed my head down gently and vision stabilized, presenting me with an image of black door, about 2 metres from me.

Drip, Drip..

To my right, I saw a large hospital drip, and my eyes followed the tubes, watching as it traced all the way to my right arm. I wasn't dressed in my jeans and a top.

I was dressed in a white loose gown.

What the fuck!

It all reminded me of my previous vision of that human in the same chair.

My frail eyes went in and out of focus, using my wolf's sense to see clearly through the darkness.

Without any luck, I slummed back into the hard cold chair and shook my hands violently, anxiously desperate to free myself.

I tried and tried for what seemed like hours on end. Just shaking myself free, and after each attempt, the numbness decreased the same time that I grew much tired.

But In the cold dark room, the darkness seemed to calm me down.

It was a barrier to the possible truth of my reality.

I was scared.

Not scared of where I was, but afraid of why I was here.

* * * *

~3 PM ~


"Calm down and start from the beginning." I let out a frustrated sigh. My eyes gazing from Jaxon to Marcus, then to Enzo and back to Marcus.

"She had to pee." Jaxon began,

"We were all together!" Marcus added, his eyes faced to the ground. I stood up from my seat and stepped around my table, so I could stand directly in front of these pathetic excuses for men.

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