Part 6

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As I exit through the doors, I stopped skipping and started to walk like a normal person.

I sighed in relief. Soon, a smile sprouted out.

Eat that, Riya!!! This is what you get for bullying Eve!!!

Even though Eve forgave them...

Just seeing Riya bullying Eve and making Eve the bad guy makes me angry!!! Hm...why don't I just do revenge...? Besid-oh.

I snap out of my thoughts as I enter the girls bathroom. I go inside and see the stall doors open.

It looks like no one was here...

If nobody is here then, where did Lily go???

Then a thought came to me.

Did she went out to find me? Oh no, what if she runs into Riya?!

Repeating it many times in my head, I run out of the girls bathroom.

Turning around the corner, I bump into someone.


I look up and see Zen. With an emotionless face. His perfect sculpted face looking down at me. My eyes widen and I make space for us.

I smiled at him.

"Eve is clumsy! Sorry for bumping into you, Mr. Jerio! Eve has apologized so Eve will take her leave!" I quickly said and bowed a little bit before rushing to find Lily.

As I was about to walk past him, but before I could move, he walks towards me. The space between us disperse.

Wha...what is happening!!? Did I make Zen mad? But I apologized...

Don't tell me he's one of those spoiled br—

"I wasn't expecting an apology for you...but a 'thank you'. Maybe you could treat me to some expensive food..." He asked me, putting his hands next to my head, analyzing my shocked face.

Food? Expensive? Thank you???

I suddenly remembered what happened in the cafeteria.


So...he wants me to treat him to some expensive food because he helped me get out of almost criticism and bullied...

Why...does that make me angry?

The stiff smile on my face slowly fades away. The expression on my face was the same as his. But with madness.

The expression on his face breaks out a little bit as he sees the change of this little girl below him.

"Is it fun to bully someone?" I coldly asked, my hair covering my eyes.

He doesn't answer, giving me the silence between us.

I looked up at him with a glare.

"Just because you helped me, doesn't mean I feel grateful. In fact, I didn't need your help at that time." I said as I looked at my hair and curled my fingers around it.

"It would be weird why you would go out to eat with this kind of girl and also be weird if the girl is paying it. Since you are the son of the wealthiest family, it would be weird if you don't have a single penny on you, would it?" I added with an eyebrow, raised up.

Right next to me, I see an open space. I quickly go into it and made my way in the middle of the hall.

I hear him chuckle and turn around to face me.

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