I started writing this in hand-made manga format on November 25, 2007 and finished it on June 2009. The wattpad novel version (which was a realistic and much much better version from the original) was written last year, February 20, 2012 and finished it on July 28, 2012.

The original Japanese names from the manga has been retained to let the readers feel its 'light novel' aura, though I decided to remove the honorifics to avoid confusion from non-otaku readers. 


Each chapter may be light and fluffy, or funny and cheesy

Each chapter may be deep, dark and gloomy

Some may be disturbing and thought-provoking

While other parts may probably make you sing

Most of them are really heart-breaking

And I'm sorry if there's a big probability that there's gonna be tears you'll be shedding

But I'll promise you one last thing: 

There's always a lost love waiting to be found, Darling.


Twisty Heart talks about people, especially teenagers and the common issues surrounding them. 

And yes, it's about love and all of its kind and definition (from bestfriend into lovers, unrequited love, moving on, to reciprocated love).

It deals heavily on family issues (from a father working abroad, a mother comitting suicide, DV (Domestic Violence), abandoned by parents, illegitimate child, big expectations and pressure from parents).

It's about friendship and forming bonds.

It's about teen angst, peer pressure, bullying, severe anxiety and depression.

It's about dreams, wishes, proms, musical plays and exams.

It's about trust, betrayal, lies, acceptance and sacrifice.

It's about being selfish and selfless at the same time.

It's about liking and hating yourself and the people around you.

Yes, it's all about you.

It's all about life.

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