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Author's Note:

Here goes something. Haha. Just so you know people, you're not the only one who's suffering whenever I wasn't able to write and update. I always have this oh-so-busy schedule and really, I would prefer writing than confronting other things. Writing, to me, is like making peace with my soul. I'm always on such a chaos whenever I wasn't able to get up in the middle of the night and write the things that are playing on my head. That's quite an agony, don't you think? And that's for my late updates. I'm not explaining (I don't do that!) haha, I was just trying to make sense. So I hope that my point's taken.

But anyway, I'm giving up on the VIP tickets! Nakakainggit sa mga aattend ng concert! haha. And whoah, who'll be attending Cosplaymania at Mall of Asia on 30/Sunday? Let's see each other in there! You might have a chance on meeting my inspiration for Makki Sison's character! And yeah, let me know your thoughts about Montello High on our Book Like Page and Groups. On normal days, I'm really not active on posting things, but I follow all the interactions and discussions in there! haha. I'm stalking my pages.

And for this 'The Masquerade', I'm actually indebted to a particular song. It's 'Look After You' by The Fray. The song's great. It's actually playing on my head until I finished the chapter... Gonna shut up now. Enjoy reading!

Editor's Note: Sa mga active sa fb fanpage, joke lang ang pag-a-out-of-town ko. Tapos na ang agony. Ito na ang 20th. Enjoy!

+Siel Alstreim+


Chapter 20: The Masquerade

My mind was completely disorganized but I was determined. I didn't have the slightest idea of what will happen next. All I know was that there's something that needs to be done. And that's why I'm on this mission with Detective Penber.

I was playing with my cold white fingers while on the Mustang's passenger seat while the Detective was driving the car. Hindi maipagkakailang malakas ang dating ng Detective on his classic gray suit na tinernuhan ng black mask with gold swirls on the side. Mukha siyang isang royal dignitary na dadalo sa isang engrandeng kasiyahan.

"You look beautiful," komento niya nang lingunin ako sa hindi mapalagay na posisyon. I had to give him credit for my outfit on this dangerous mission. He gave me this elegant, strapless royal blue gown that softly kisses the floor. The fine silky satin dress had exposed half of my back and gently hugged my waist and emphasized the firmness of my breasts. There were also victorian swirls down the length of the dress. Silver sequins and pretty stones had been embroidered on strategic places, making it an outstanding ball gown. To match the dress, I had a silver mask with swirls of blue sapphires carefully hiding half of my face, only giving away my brown eyes and my red lips.

It was Jamie who got through the trouble of putting make up on me when I told her that I'll be attending some Masquerade Party. My brown hair was up giving emphasis to my slender neck. And as the theme sets, I wore a silver three-inched shoes. I could be mistaken as a classic young lady. But the title 'lady' won't really be appropriate on my personality. I was wondering why do I have to appear this elegant but the detective told me that it's part of our mission. It is about espionage. And I know better than to doubt him.

"I think I am a stranger," wika ko.

"Confidence, Summer. That's your most important accessory tonight," wika niya. Hindi na ako sumagot. He already discussed our plan. I just had to stick with it and everything will go well. Hopefully, it will. Tumigil ang Mustang ilang metro ang layo mula sa engrandeng hotel. Tumingala ako upang alamin kung gaano katayog ang gusali. Sumakit ang leeg ko. Halatang mga taong bigatin sa buhay ang tumatapak dito. Kelan ko ba in-underestimate ang Freniere Mafia when it comes on their financial abilities? Bumaba si Detective Penber at ipinagbukas ako ng pinto.

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