Little Bat

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Dick Grayson was the only living member of the flying Grayson's. He had no other family. Bruce watched it go down and all he kept seeing was the night that destroyed his life. That made him have a lot of anger. The night that changed everything.

He became Batman.. The Dark Knight. He's a rich kid with issues lots of issues. He never got to through the person who destroyed his life in jail..

When Bruce found out he had no other Family. He volunteered to take the Young boy in. He wanted to give him a life he never had.

So he did. The boy lives in the manor. The place use to be dark. It used to be filled with pain... But now it has light. Dick changed it. You could hear his laughs and everyday he would have a goofy smile. He was a ray of light. If the sun was a person it would be him.

Well one day Dick found out about Bruce's secret. He found out he was going after the man that killed his family... Tony Zucco. Dick broke the rules that day.. He came and helped take Zucco down.

After breaking this one rule it brought Bruce and Dick closer. Bruce made him promise to never tell anyone about their secret. They trained together went out to rooftops to watch for crimes.

Bruce did have a few rules. The rules were simple in Bruce's opinion. Rule 1 School first that includes Homework. Rule 2 You must be passing every class to go on patrol. Rule 3 If it's to dangerous Dick is to stay home. Rule 4 Anything Bruce said goes.

Well one day Joker was up to no good. Bruce demanded Dick to stay home.

Being that Dick was a nine year old boy with a short attention span and was bored. He found himself looking at the old suits Bruce had in the cave.... He couldn't contain the excitement he got when a idea popped into his head. A huge grin went across the boy's face.

Bruce drove the Batmobile back to the Batcave after successfully putting the Joker in jail. The second he got out of the Batmobile his eyes landed on him. 

It was Dick. He was wearing one of the older Batman costumes. It was huge compared to Dick's small frame. The cowl was falling over his eyes. The cape was dragging on the ground. The leather that's suppose to be skin tight was very loose.

Dick still had a smile. Bruce himself couldn't help but also smile at his young friend/teammate and son.

"Look I'm Batman like you Dad!" Robin said.
"I can see that... But I don't think it fits you." Bruce said still smiling.

Bruce has been much happier with Dick around. Dick manages to make him laugh. Now he's not just Bruce Wayne and Batman but also a Father.

Author Note:
I hope you liked this! Please tell me your thoughts it can be negative or postive. I honestly want to get better at writing. Thank you for reading.

Also I don't own the Fanart and here's what the whole picture looks like

Also I don't own the Fanart and here's what the whole picture looks like

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