Chapter 20-Double trouble

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Avi woke to the sound of his girlfriend coughing over the bucket, the violent action wrenching her small frame. 

Turning over, groaning in pain, Avi frowned. He should have sent her home, reminding her that her immune system couldn't handle this. 

"Kirstie?" He called to her, rubbing her back as he gently moved her hair out of the line of fire. 

It seemed it was just in time because that was when something finally came up. 

It broke his heart to see her like this, knelt over the bucket Esther had been smart enough to put in his room, as tears streamed down her face.  

"Kirst? I'm right here, okay?"  The male rubbed soothing circles into her back as she finished the last couple of strong heaves. 

"K-kay." She whispered, the first couple of tears leaving her eyes. 

"Come here," Avi mumbled, opening his arms to his pair. The girl complied, letting his arms instinctively wrap at her waist. 

This was heaven for Avi. He didn't have any of the underlying thoughts that maybe this wasn't enough, maybe she wanted him to do something, as he did with his past girlfriends. It was just them. Kirstin and Avriel. No one else could take that away. 

"A-Avi?" She whimpered, looking up for his green eyes. 

"What's wrong, Angel?" He asked worriedly. 

"I-I Lo-Love You." 

"I love you too." He smiled. "Like the sun loves the moon." 

Later that day, after Esther had been informed of Kirstin's health, she had called Angelica and Kirstie had permission to stay for a while (after receiving the most adorable picture of Kirstie she had ever seen.)

It seemed to work in their favor, as the bearded teen was able to keep her mind off if the symptoms she had. It was hours full of holding her as they talked, only taking breaks to use the toilet, eat, or be sick, maybe sleep a little. It was just the two together, and to Kirstie, she could almost never relax this much. School kept her on her toes, trying to avoid others all together, and even with the other boys, she wanted them to be happy. 

It wasn't until Esther came in with news. 

"So, Mom wants to visit." She said, rather bluntly. Esther wasn't the fondest of their mother. What woman leaves her son to travel?

However, when the woman handed over custody to Esther, she did request visitation rights. Therefore, Esther had to let them see each other.

"Cool!" Avi's face brightened. He hadn't seen his mother in who knows how long? Maybe she could even meet Kirstie. 

"My mom's job as a flight attendant means she's never home." He explained to Kirstie who he saw her confusion. His mood seemed to drop when he said "never home." 

"D-dad over-over seaas." She blurted out, hoping the shared experience would make him smile, although Kirstie knew Avi's mom must be better than her dad. Her dad was mean to her, but surely anyone related to Avi must be amazing. 

Esther embraced her the second she had met her, understanding how close the two were. 

"I'm sorry about that." He kissed her head sympathetically. They both knew what that felt like. "Will Josh be there?" He asked randomly, hoping he would see his older brother. 

"Maybe," Esther responded with a small smile at the display of affection the younger two just shared. 

With that, he turned back to her until he got a notification. Kevin had sent a picture of him and Kirstie cuddling that morning with the caption "Awwwe!" 

Avi loved his sister, but did she really have to send this to his friends? He got a surplus of texts along the lines of. "You two are so cute!" Or "get married already!"

Kirstie, rather than get annoyed, just giggled at their friend group's reaction. 

"Si-sill-silly." She giggled at Avi's famous 'superfrown' "they just jo-joking" she soothed him. 

The male chuckled, pulling her closer to his body. "How did I get so lucky to have an angel as pure as you?" He mumbled into her hair. 

“Y-you look like J-Jesus.” she teased, making him "bop" her on the nose. 

"I could never compare to you." He whispered, chuckling when he noticed the pink dusting her cheeks. Her blush was so beautiful, he did his best to be able to see it every day, even if some of it was the fever she was sporting. 

Esther chuckled. They were so lost in the moment they forgot she was still in the room. Smiling, she slipped back into the hallway. 

Those two were perfect for each other. Kirstin brought out the goofy Avi everyone loved, and Avi helped the shy girl open up a bit more. 

In reality, Kirstie had an amazing way of looking at the world, if people would just wait long enough to hear her out. 

She saw the colors in everything, the melody of every word, and the good of being yourself. 

If only she just believed in herself more. 

They couldn't dwell on that now, as Avi felt the younger girl yawn. 

"Tired?" Avi asked although the answer was clear. The girl nodded, burying her face into his chest. Despite still feeling weak himself, he carried her to his bed, and Esther followed with some more tissues, medicine, and the bucket. They were right by the bathroom as well, just in case they needed it in an emergency. 

They didn’t make it to the bed as Kirstie shot out of Avi’s arms and sprinted for the bathroom, hand on her mouth. She sure was fast when it came to instincts. 

"Aw, sugar." Esther cooed, pulling her hair back. "It's alright." 

Avi switched off with his sister as the retches and gags declined to coughs and sniffles. 

"Sh," he soothed, wiping away the few stray tears from her cheeks. A soft cry left her parted lips. The sound immediately broke her partner's heart. He never, never, wanted to hear that sound again. He cleaned her up and carried her to the bed, as when she stood she looked like a shaky deer discovering their legs. 

"Pick a movie." He decided. She needed something to pick up her mood. Hopefully, she could fall asleep to something. 

Kirstie, being Kirstie, went straight to the Disney movies he had stocked up on, just for her. And so, when she held out the DVD case to "Lilo and Stitch" with big, hope-filled, brown eyes, how could he say no?

That was how they ended up with Kirstie curled against him in her usual cat-like position, giggling along with the jokes in the movie. They were up for several hours watching movies, as Kirstie was still vomiting every half hour or so, and Avi had stopped being sick but still had a painful cough and streaming nose, so they couldn’t sleep for a while. 

Kirstie was the first one to fall asleep, her eyes fluttering open and closed as she slipped into her dreams. 

Only when the male was sure she was asleep, did he allow himself to close his eyes, drifting off with a sleeping angel in his arms, a smile on his face. 

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