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Third Person P.O.V.
About a week later, nothing was going well. Everyone now hated each other. Well, some people got along with at least one person, but most of them hated each other. "STOP SCREAMING AT THREE AM! IT'S ANNOYING!" Taylor yelled. "Stop posting everything we do on Instagram," Selena snapped. "PETE! KEEP YOUR DICK OUT OF MY FACE!" Simon yelled. "STOP PRETENDING YOU DON'T WANT IT THERE!" Bram screamed. "Oh, he wants it. Your dick isn't good enough," Pete said. "I'm happy 5H ended," Ally said. "Yep, we all are," Normani said. "I'm pretty sure you were all happier about me leaving," Camila said. "GOD DAMN IT! JUST LET ME BE WARM AND MOIST IN MY MID SECTION AND THIGHS!" Justin screeched, pissed about... well, that. "JUSTIN! NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS!" Nicki screamed. "WELL THE INNOCENT, CLEAN BABY THAT GREW UP SEXY DOES!" Justin cried. "ANYONE WANT WEED!" Offset yelled. "SHUT UP KIARI!" Cardi yelled back.
"Billie, I have a question," Maddie said. "What do you want now," Billie asked, smirking. "OK, so first of all, what's the best thing about pooping?" Maddie asked. "Everything," Billie laughed. "OK, second, where's Ari?" Maddie asked. "Behind you," Billie said. Maddie turned around to see Ari staring at her, pissed. Things had gotten worse between them. Maddie continued to get close with other people and Ari still felt like Maddie was pushing her away. The truth is, Ari was pushing Maddie away. "Why do you care where I am? You don't care about me," Ari snapped. "Seems more like you don't care about her. You get pissed at her for living her own life and you push her away. She's done nothing wrong to you so why don't you fuck off," Halsey said. Ari looked away, tears beginning to fall. "Damn. OK then," Maddie said, walking away.
"I'M FUCKING DONE! EVERYONE, SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR ONE DAMN MINUTE!" Lauren yelled. "OK, what?" Demi asked. "Cardi and Offset, you two are capable of coexisting. Me and my old group members need to get our shit together. It's all in the past. Pete, stop being so immature and Bram, stop blaming your boyfriend for things he didn't do. The rest of you, talk out your little problems and get the fuck over it," Lauren snapped. "But," Justin began. "No, you have no place to speak," Selena snapped.
"So, we're having make up sex tonight?" Bram asked. "Hell yeah," Simon said. Maddie looked over at the 5H girls. "Guys... wait, are you all crying?" "Shh, Maddie, don't ruin their moment," Billie whispered, snickering. "Wait, where's Ariana?" Halsey asked. "Over there," Taylor said, gesturing to a corner. Halsey grabbed Maddie and walked over to her. Ari looked at both of them quietly. "What I said earlier wasn't called for. It was your issue to figure out with Maddie and I shouldn't have intervened," Halsey said. Ari nodded, sighing quietly.  After Halsey walked away, Ari looked at Maddie. "Madds, I... I'm sorry. She was right about everything. You've done nothing," Ari whispered. "I told you I wouldn't just throw you aside. I promised you," Maddie said. "I know you did, but... I, I just... I don't know," Ari said, looking away and sighing. "Listen, I promise you that will never happen. I love you too much to do that," Maddie said, smiling a bit. Once again, they locked into an embrace.
"So, has everyone figured their shit out?" Nicki asked. "Have you?" Cardi asked, smirking. "I did. I'm warm and moist," Justin said. "NO ONE CARES!" Maddie yelled. "Maddie, be nice," Dinah said. "Hey, remember I'm the one with the ruler," Maddie smirked. "You also have the knife, pan and brick," Camila said. "OK, but were you girls crying?" Billie asked. "Uh, we were talking about a lot of shit," Ally said. "Damn, must have been deep," Demi laughed. "CHEESE WATER!" Simon yelled. "SUCK MY DICK IN A CAVE!" Bram yelled. "They don't sell uncrustables at Taco Bell? My whole life is a lie," Pete cried. "Maddie, stop videoing us," Ally laughed. "Hello to Maddie's five followers," Camila laughed. "Oh fuck you. I actually have more because I'm using you guys for fame," Maddie joked. "Well then. Rude ass," Taylor said. "She was talking to us," Lauren said. "OK everyone. Shh, I want to sleep," Offset said. "It's three in the afternoon," Selena said. "Well, I kind of want to sleep too," Gabbie said. "OOOOOOOOOH! LET'S WATCH A MOVIE!" Simon yelled. "How about... Love Simon?" Maddie asked, smirking. "YES!" Simon yelled. The afternoon was spent watching stupid movies. "TURN OFF THE DISNEY!" Maddie yelled. She was glared at by literally everyone.

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