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Third Person P.O.V.
"Did we really?" Dinah asked. "Yeah, I saw every bit of it," Maddie groaned. "Shh, my head hurts," Pete moaned. Bram was vomiting out of a window. "Why are there videos of my ass online. Did I hang it out of the window?" Nicki asked, irritated. "Yes, you did," Ari sighed. "Simon, when you're drunk, I would like you to stay away from me. I prefer cum to not be on my face," Normani said. "Oh no... not again," Simon groaned. "I at least sleeped good," Justin said, yawning. "IT IS SLEPT YOU DUMBASS!" Lauren yelled, obviously irritated with his terrible grammar. "I made some synonym rolls," Halsey said. "Oh, just like Grammar use to make," Billie laughed. "OH, HELL NO! OFFSET AND I DID NOT FUCK!" Cardi yelled. "You did, and it was gross," Gabbie groaned. "I still don't give a shit," Taylor said. "No one gives a shit about you. God damn. I don't know why I was friends with you," Camila snarled. Then, a loud thud was heard. "What the hell was that?" Selena asked. "I fell off of my bunk. Continue the fighting," Maddie said, laughing. "Um, are you OK?" Ally asked, trying not to laugh. "She's fine," Ari said, smirking. "Ari, what the hell? You posted a picture of us kissing," Maddie said. "Oof," Bram said. "I... oh fuck," Ari groaned. "Seriously, you all need Jesus," Ally said. "Shut up Allysus," Dinah laughed. "OK, but who made an edit of Camren again?" Lauren asked. "Uh, that's not an edit. You two did make out last night," Simon said. "We did what?" Camila asked, surprised. "No, you didn't," Maddie said. "I wish you did," Dinah said. "DJ, your ship will never sail. I'm sorry," Normani laughed. "What about the ship of Laddie?" Demi asked, laughing. "NO!" Ari yelled, irritated. "Ari, it's a joke. Maddie and I don't... never mind, we do talk a lot now," Lauren said.. "LADDIE!" Simon yelled. Ari got up and left the room. "Should I go after her?" Maddie asked, sighing. "Na, let her have time alone," Billie said. "I WANT WAFFLES!" Pete yelled. "I want ass," Justin whined. "No," Selena sighed. "YES!" Justin screamed.
Maddie P.O.V.
I sighed and got up to go find Ari. She was sitting on the couch in the lounging area. "What the fuck do you want?" she snapped. "What's your problem? I have done nothing to you. Everything that's said about me dating anyone is a joke. I thought you trusted me. I guess not," I said, sighing at the end. She looked up with tears filling her eyes. "I never said I didn't trust you," she said, regret filling her eyes. "It seems like it," I said, walking over to her. "I don't mean it... I'm sorry," she whispered, now in tears. She gazed down, afraid to meet my eyes with her own. I reached out and slowly tilted her head up so I could look at her. "I know. What's wrong though?" I asked, looking into her eyes. "I wanna stay close with you. I don't want to be thrown to the side because I don't matter to you anymore. I don't want to... lose you," she said, tears falling. I sighed and put my arms around her. "You won't lose me. No matter how many people I'm friends with, I'll make sure we're still close. I would never hurt or push you away." She nodded, gripping me tight.
Third Person P.O.V.
Later that day, everyone was at the next stop. "I'M HUNGRY... FOR LOVE!" Simon yelled. "I'm hungry for food," Selena groaned. "Cardi, do you think..." Offset began. "Do not talk to me," Cardi said. A random man walked up to Pete. "Hey man. keep me in your eye socket," he said, obviously high. "I know right?" Pete responded, grabbing chips. "Maddie, go away," Nicki snapped, as Maddie ran after her, videoing her ass and talking about the night before. "Can we buy more alcohol?" Bram asked. "If you even think about doing that, I will kill you," Camila snarled. "You don't have to drink dumbass," Demi snapped. "Why does everyone have a fucking problem with me? What the hell did I do?" Camila asked, irritated. "We can discuss this later. Everyone is leaving," Lauren sighed.
"OK, so you all have a problem with me because of management. That's not my fault," Camila growled. "No one said we had a problem with you. You said that," Normani said. "It was just irritating how we couldn't do anything, but you could," Ally said. "Then, you left and acted like it was our fault," Dinah said. "No I didn't. I never said it was... never fucking mind," Camila sighed. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Gabbie screamed, covering her head with a pillow.

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