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Denki had a great time forgetting about his self doubt. Eijiro practiced with him that night; as the red head said he would, making doubly sure to take frequent breaks.

They spent the night hanging out and feel asleep to 'The Sound of Music'.

Denki woke up first; for once in his life. He lifted his head off the soft cushion it was on and looked around, completely blanking on where he was.

The picture of elementary school Eijiro and his mother that was sitting on the desk across from them is what ultimately brought him to enlightenment.

Denki stifled a snicker as he attempted to get up. Though he wasn't successful in this endeavour. Our resident Jolteon hadn't taken notice to the arm around his waist.

Eijiro grumbled in his sweet sleep, pulling Denki further into his chest.

"Uhh... Kiri?" Denki says, kicking Eiji's leg repeatedly.

"Mhmm?" Eijirou hummed as a response in his half awoken state.

"Could you let me go?" Denki asked stopping his assault.

Eiji finally opens his eyes at this, "What do you mean, Bro- oh," the red head immediately let's go of the smaller males frame very apologetically. Which allowed Denki to sit up.

"I'm really sorry, dude. I uh thought you were my pillow haha," Eiji said getting up as well.

"Haha it's alright, dude. To be honest you're pretty comfy."


"Wait what time is it?"

Eiji looks over to his alarm clock, "7:42"

"Cool, I'll be heading to the showers before it gets real busy. See ya at breakfast?" Denki said leading on the door he had opened.

"Yeah, see ya then. Bye bro"


As Denki closed the door and walked down the hall he started hitting himself squared in the forehead.

"I. Sounded. So. Ducking. Stupid."


Katsuki hadn't heard from Pinky, Shitty hair or Pikachu in a while. He credited this to Eijiro and Denki probably making out somewhere and Mina watching from the bushes like the creepy pink fudanshi she is.

He figured that ElectricRock had finally become a thing. He and the rest of the Bakuquad (excluding Kami and Kiri) found out about Goldey-locks and Little Red Riding Hood's mutual liking for one another a couple months ago, when Mina spilled the beans that Denki had a crush on Kirishima. The Lord of ExplodoKills then disclosed that the King of Crocs felt the same.

Now, unbeknownst to the two love birds the all knowing trio (mostly Mina) scheme on ways to get them closer. This includes bailing out on group hang outs, taking extra long to get to a meet up or school and hiding during lunch so they have to sit alone with only one another for comfort.

Never once did it cross his mind that Pinky, Pikachu and Shitty Hair had joined a band.

However Katsuki had a slight secret of his own. He had also chosen to participate in the show as a solo performance. Infact, the ash blond was very confident in his abilities, as usual. The only thing that plagued his mind in the beginning was what song he should perform. Many songs came to his mind such as 'Dilligaf' by Kevin Bloody Wilson. Katsuki eventually decided on a song and had been perfecting it in the comfort of his dorm for the past few days.



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So! Hope you enjoyed the update and untill the next one, BI!


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