[Love and Tears] part 5.

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***Callie's POV*** 

Recap of chapter 3; Callies uncle finds out she ashamed of him. 

"Are... You... Ash...Amed... Of... Me?" He repeated. I stood there, thinking about what to say. He was disabled, not dumb. 

"No, no, no." I assured him. 

"Then... Why... Didn't... You... Men... Tion...  

Me?" he asked. I thought for a little while, playing with nails. 

"Its just that, I don't like people know my business Terry." 

I answered. He groaned before dribbling down his topped. I rolled my eyes as I headed for the tissues. I wiped him down like a baby before telling him I was getting in the shower. 

The shower was nice. I was in a deep daydream about my life. I imagined being back with my parents. I imagined asking my mum about boy problems and her hugging me and telling me everything was going to be OK. I snapped out of it and realized it wasn't going to happen as the doorbell wrang. I angrily tied my towel around myself as I realized Terry wasn't going to answer it.  

I stepped out of the bathroom, being careful of not stepping on any dirt that might be lying around. It was Jay. Erm, what was he doing here? I wondered. 

"What now!?" I yelled angrily.  

"Sorry to disturb you. Do you want to go to the beach with me tomorow?" He asked, nervously. Bless him. 

"Erm, No, sorry." I replied coldly. I saw the look on his face, the dissapointment in his eyes, how could I say no to that? I said yes and we made the arrangments. 

The beach... I remember. That was the last place I had went before my parents died. It would be nice going back there. I wasn't going because I wanted to go with him or anything... But because I needed too. I needed to get over it and try and have some fun. 

I doubted we would be home before 4, and I didn't want to have to hassle him. So I asked one of the nurses that popped in before bed. 

"June, please can you do me a big favour? You know I don't ask for many favours but I need this." I pleaded. 

"What is it?"  

"Can you cover my shift tommorow, please?" I asked. 

"No! No way! That means I would have worked a whole like 13 hours." she replied. 

"June please! I need a break, for once. You know I work incredibly hard, I just need a break. Please I'll be back at 7, before 7!"  

"No! If your back at 7, that means I would have worked 13 hours." was there no cracking this chick? 

"Please! I need this!" I yelled, now on my knees. 

"Get up Callie, don't be silly! No is no." she replied, firmly, before exiting the room. What was I to do? I couldn't miss the day, Jay would think I was stupid or didn't want to be with him. Which was true, but I still had to go! 

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