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"Tio, I said I wanted my tv hanging on this wall not that one."

"My apologies, sobrina."

* Tio - Uncle *
* Sobrina - Niece *

I absolutely hated moving into new houses. I wanted my summer to be live and this neighborhood look dry as hell.

The fuck am I 'sposed to do for three months? This is when I wish I had friends, but the kids now a days being doing too damn much and I'm just not here for it.

I opened my snack drawer and that bitch was empty.

My fat ass can't ever save shit.

"I'm going to the store!" I yelled out before grabbing my car keys.

I didn't know my way around yet so really I was just driving around in circles, but I eventually found a corner store.

A couple of teenage boys was posted against the wall and I paid them no attention while I went inside.

I got a Snapple, orange Fanta, and then some Turbos, Starburst, Peanut m&ms, and Beef Jerky.

"Aye, wassup wit it." A dude came into the store and dapped up the cashier while I waited behind them.

He didn't have nothing to scan and they was just chopping it up like I didn't have shit to pay for.

"Um helllooo?"

They stopped their conversation and looked at me.

"My bad ma." The dude stepped to the side, sizing me while licking his lips.

"You new round here huh?" The cashier asked before scanning my stuff.

"Yeah, how you know?"

"Cause I ain't never seen you in here before."

"What's ya name?" The other dude asked.


"Jordan." He smirked. "Rashad lemme pay for it. And lemme get ya number."

"How old are you? You look grown, but that's okay cause that's what I like. And I'm legal."

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