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"I know damn well you still ain't sleep. That's what the fuck you get for staying up on that damn phone last night. Get yo ass up." My aunt Rose snatched the covers off of me and clapped her hands.

This is the last day of going to hell.

"I'm up T." I sighed sitting up and started to get ready for school.

First I washed my face then got dressed in something simple. Since it was the last day I threw on my white volleyball hoodie, Black biker shorts, and my white G Fazos.

I picked my phone up and looked at my notifications.

Dumb ass nigga - You too good to text a nigga back now. Aight bet

Ty 🥺 - Want me to come scoop?

Maybe: Xavier punk ass 🙄 - Hey there 🌚

Jordan 💙 - smoke wit us after school?

Tristan 😌 - Take yo big headed ass to sleep

I texted Ty telling him to pick me up before heading downstairs.

"I'm on my way to work. Pour some dog food in Trix's bowl please and your uncle should be here when you get home from school. Love you." She kissed my cheek.

"Love you too. Ty is picking me up today!" I yelled as she left out the house.

I gave Trix some food then fixed me a bowl of cereal and answered my dad's FaceTime call.

"Hey pops."

"Wassup. Don't get in no shit today aight?"

"It's the last day of school so ima be straight."

"Aight. You ready to come out here?"

"Yeah I can't wait to see you."

"Vice versa. They been treating you good over there?"

"Of course. What you getting me for my birthday?"

"You'll see when you come out here."

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