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It was Sunday night and the movie theatre was still somewhat packed as the two couples purchased tickets to Into the Woods. Will had really wanted to see it, so Nico, Lou Ellen, and Cecil agreed to see it as a double date.

"I'm getting candy!" Cecil declared after the person checking tickets told them to enjoy their evening.

"Remember to actually buy it, Cecil."

"Will, what makes you think someone as innocent as me could steal candy from behind a counter with dozens of witnesses?"

"I know you, that's why."

Lou Ellen snorted, grabbing his hand as she walked up to the counter. Minutes later the four teenagers were either holding candy, popcorn, or a drink to share with their significant other.

"Coke is so unhealthy," Will said as he took a sip of the sugary drink. "I hope you brush your teeth really well tonight, Nico, or you'll get cavities."

He rolled his eyes. "I'm so glad we weren't dating a few years ago. All I used to eat was McDonalds; I drank so much pop there."

"Nico, that place is bad enough even if you don't eat it regularly!"

This launched Will into a lecture about fast-food until the lights died down in the theatre and previews started. Nico and Will were sitting next to each other while Lou Ellen and Cecil were beside Will. The four whispered comments to each other about the previews, making sarcastic comments about which ones were lame and which ones sparked their interests.

None of them noticed two other demigods a few rows behind them, watching them in the darkness of the theatre.

"I don't understand why we have to watch them, Jason. They already hold hands and Nico kissed him, so why did you want to keep an eye on them?"

The blond squinted at Nico and Will, peaking out underneath his glasses for a moment. "Percy, that kiss was a spontaneous in-the-moment thing. Sure they've been holding hands and cuddling, but I doubt they've done much more than occasionally pecked each other on the cheek since they started dating. Nico is only fourteen years old and I don't want the son of that womanizer Apollo to rush him into things!"

"Dude, calm down. They'll hear us if you get to loud. Oh, that girl is from Pitch Perfect! I love that movie."

Jason rolled his eyes. "Just focus on making sure Will doesn't corrupt our little bro."

It only took five minutes for Percy to forget all about their purpose for being there in the first place. For the next half hour, only Jason was keenly watching the son of Apollo with his arm wrapped around Nico. The dark-haired teenager's head was resting on Will's shoulder, and Jason didn't need to see to know they were holding hands.

Suddenly the two princes of the movie were singing about pain, ripping their shirts and exposing parts of their chests.

Cecil grinned before turning to Will and Nico. "Enjoying the fan service, boys?"

"No!" They both shot back indignantly. Neither of them shared that they had unconsciously checked the princes out, but that was beside the point.

Another half an hour later, nothing worth noting had happened. Percy was now completely ignoring the fact they were there to spy, wrapped up in the movie, while even Jason was starting to watch the film rather than the two boys holding hands. It seemed as if he had overreacted about them kissing. The area was most likely too public for the shy Nico and Will to just start making out.

However, that didn't stop Lou Ellen and Cecil from doing so.

"This is awkward," the son of Hades whispered to his boyfriend. "They have only been dating for three days."

Will gave a slight nod before he turned to Nico with big blue puppy eyes. "They were practically dating for the past five months, but yeah. We won't feel awkward if we also become... preoccupied."

Nico grinned up at him, eyes flashing as the screen's brightness flared up for a second. Within seconds the two had taken after the couple next to them. They paid no attention to the few groups of people in the theatre. It wasn't like anyone would notice anyway.

"Jason," Percy said as he nudged the son of Jupiter with his elbow.


"You've failed at your job. Look," he said as he motioned to the two couples kissing.

Jason gasped, pulling his coin (weapon) out of his pocket. "Why that sneaky little son of Apollo!"

"He's as tall as you, bro. You're calling yourself little."

"Quiet, Jackson, they'll hear us!"

Percy rolled his sea green eyes. "You can't just go down there and beat up Nico's boyfriend! The fact that we're spying on them is already enough to land us in serious trouble. If Nico finds out we're here..." He imagined his beautiful blue room suddenly being redecorated fluorescent pink by many skeletons.

"He won't find out," Jason assured. "If I blow Will across the room using my powers and then we duck down, Nico won't suspect a thing."

"Just leave them alone. They're fine. Nico is from the forties and his values are keeping them from going too fast and from doing the naughty until they're married. None of us have anything to worry about."

Neither of them noticed Nico had vanished from his seat until they melted into the shadows.

The three sons of the big three popped out in Percy's cabin seconds later. The spied landed on the floor with matching groans, while Nico stepped out with his arms crossed and a glare on his face.

"Stay here until I get back from my date. I'll deal with you idiots later," he promised as he was swept into the shadows once more.

Percy let himself flop onto his back. "Jason, we're in so much trouble."

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