Stage Twenty-Eight

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Snatching my glasses off I run my hands down my face feeling the frustration coming more and more rapidly

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Snatching my glasses off I run my hands down my face feeling the frustration coming more and more rapidly. I'm still working on my counter sue for April and those two crooked cops. The cops were easy had those pigs badges that next morning and their now waiting their sentencing. But April on the other hand, I'm guessing she ran off that same day. I've already got a warrant out for her so she can't go far it's just a matter of catching her. It's annoying dealing with this woman causing so many problems then running off to hide like a child. I just want all of this to be over with so I can move on.

"Sir you have a visitor." My assistant peaks in after knocking.

Standing I watch April's father walking in. "Love what you've done with the place."

"You lost sir?"

Chuckling he makes himself comfortable. "No...look I know we do not have the best history-"

"Correct which is why I am confused at you being here. Did you forget what your daughter has done to me?"

"No but she is why I'm here."

"To what buy her problems out? Not this time sir I'm not sorry. She needs to accept the consequences of her actions."

"Is prison really the best way to do that? I mean she's a good girl doesn't cause to much trouble this is all just a misunderstanding Chase you have to lighten up on her."

"For what so she can continue living her life like nothing she does will come back to her. You've helmeted this women beyond to the point she thinks she's invincible and I'm gonna be the one to give her that hard wake up call."

He shakes his head pacing my office. I know what this man is involved in I've never liked him. He had relentless up for her in literally everything. I'm not backing down her someone had to show her the light that she can't just do what she wants.

"You know all of this can just go away if you stop involving emotions into all of this."

"Your daughters emotions are why we are here sir or did you forget I was nearly sent to prison because I told her no. That's a grown women."

"That is my daughter my only child and your child's mother how can you be so heartless!?"

"She's no mother we both know that. I'm not dropping anything if that's what you came for no more sugar coating shit for this woman. This is s mess she made and when I find her I promise she will serve time so my best advice for if and when you see her since I'm sure you are helping her hide out just convince her to turn herself in willingly because the more this is drawn out the more you pry into letting this woman finally grow up and face the real world-" by now we both were in a defensive stands. Two fathers protecting their daughters only one of us is in the right here. "-it's only making it so much harder on both of our girls. April is immature and petty pretends to not know how her actions depict her as an woman and mother. I'm done with her my daughter is done with her."

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