Part 5

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"W-what?! But Zen-sama—"

The young girl' sentence was interrupted when Zen said something.

"Ridiculous." He huffed at the stupidity.

"H-how do y-you know Riya i-is lying?!! Where is y-your proof?!" A brave voice shouted in the crowd, but this time, it was a boys voice.

Zen scoffed as he moved his head down before moving his head up, biting his lip in frustration for a full second.

Damn. That's hot.

I started to feel heat on my cheeks.

Oh my god, am I blushing?

The girls squeal at the lip biting and fanned themselves.

"Proof? You still want me to show you proof?" Zen's emotionless voice echoed.

Zen turns to look at me. I looked at him, in confusion.

"Miss Eve, before Riya fell and sprained her ankle, what were you doing?" He questions me, confidently.

I turn my face into a bright smile and pointed at the empty table with two treys.

"Eve was sitting on the table and drinking her banana milk and listening to music. Eve loves banana milk. Eve also loves listening to music." I answered him, a still smile of my face.

Zen turns to look at the people.

"That's my proof. Miss Eve here, was sitting on the table, facing her trey and listening to music. It would be impossible for her to quickly turn around and trip Riya while she was walking," Zen reasoned.

Everyone was stunned but nods at the explanation. It all made sense. Also, it's impossible for someone to trip someone else that fast unless it's abnormal human being.

"Beside, Eve is stupid." I said, bonking on my head lightly with a bright smile.

Riya was turning pale and was alarmed at the situation. Zen turns to her and looks down at her in disgust as if she was dirt.

"And Miss Riya, must have been walking past Eve but tripped on her heels while walking. Not wanting to be embarrassed in front of people, she puts the blame on her sister, Eve. Making Eve the bad guy." Zen finishes and I looked at him shock.

In Eve's past life, he didn't stand up for her. Why would he stand up for Eve??

How did he know all of this? Is he a genius or something?

" that's what is all about.."

"That Riya girl, I knew she was bad news!"

"It turns out that Riya is a two face lotus!"

"Ah! She made up the rumors about Eve!! What a bad sister!!"

"I feel bad for Eve...she has to live with this kind of sister.."

I silently smirked at the replies from the people. Then I remembered something or planned something (before Zen even came to the situation) that will embarrass Riya even more.

I went up to Riya who was on the floor, embarrassed. She looks up at me with a disgusted look. I gave her a smile.

"So it was like that!! Don't worry! Eve don't blame Riya cuz Eve love Riya so much! Right now, Riya's ankle is important!! Eve want Riya to climb in my back so that we could go to the medical room!" I crouched down for her to get on which made her even more embarrassed.

"I-I....I can go by myself!!" She shouted at me and pushed my back but missed when I stood up quickly and turned around with a smile.

"Okay! Since Riya is strong enough to go to the medical room by herself! Then...Eve will go find Lily!" I skipped away with a closed eyes, bright smile, and both hands behind my back.

As Eve skipped away, Zen looked at the girl with amusement. He was back in his spot and was waiting for his friends to finish their food. He smirks as Eve exits the cafeteria.

"Stop smirking, dude. Your current face is even scarier than my grandpas." His friend joked.

Zen's smirk went to a thin line and turn to look at his friend who was in the middle of drinking his water.

"Your current existence is disgusting me that I hope you find a pond and drown yourself in it and never come out." He said as he gets up from his chair and fixed his tie before leaving the cafeteria.

His friend who was drinking his drink, was shocked at his counter back that he ended up choking on the drink.


Let us pray...sike!!!

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