Chapter 1

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All characters belong to Kiera Cass

A Selection fan fiction


I woke up to a bucket of cold ice water falling on me. I scream and fall out of bed. I look to find who the culprit is.

"MARY!!!!" I screech.

She's trying to hold in her laughter.

"Come now miss we must get you ready for breakfast," Anne says.

I sight but get up,"how do you guys do wake this early every day?" I ask as a climb into the warm scented tub water.

As soon as I am ready and I head down to breakfast. Maxon catches my eye and smiles at me. I take my seat next to Kriss, and give her a warm smile while Celeste is glaring at me. I quickly finish my breakfast and excuse myself. I walk back to my room and sit at the piano Maxon got me for Christmas. My fingers fly across the keyboard, unconsciously I play the song my mom sung to me every night when I was a kid, I hum along to it. Suddenly my maids burst into the room.

"Oh miss-! Oops, did we interrupt something?" Mary says.

"Not at all, do you want to play cards?" I ask

"YES!" Mary says excitement gleaming in her eyes.

We all gather in a circle on my bed and start; playing cards it definitely not one of my strengths. I lose every time. 

A maid scurries in, "Lady America, the king requests your presence in his study immediately," she walks, almost runs away.

Great, I sigh whilst getting up. As I walk down the hall, my heart beats a little faster. I wonder what I did this time. Going back I cannot recall anything rash. I pace the halls for a few moment more. Come on America, no more stalling. I take a deep breath and enter the study. All the windows are closed. He struts over to me and roughly jerks my arm and throws me in the center of the room before I can react. I land on my shoulder which is probably dislocated. I gasp at the sudden movement. He locks the door.

"What are u doing?" I ask hesitantly while getting up.

He pins me down with one hand while covering my mouth with the other. My eyes wide with fear. I try to scream but all I can hear is muffled sounds. It is starting to get hard to breathe. Blackness starts creeping in in the corner of my eye, his shinning with amusement.

He puts his face against mine. I can feel the prickliness of his beard and his wet lips against my ear, "I will only say this once, you stay the hell and at from my son," he says, his voice blazing from anger. He shoves me on the ground again, I land hard in the center with an oomph. He takes his belt out of the loops and brings it down, hard. I scream silently inside my head, my face shows no emotion. I will not let him win. Maxon did this for me god knows I many times, it's time I start doing something to him. Tears stream my face, I unable to stop them.

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