chapter 3: formaggio cheese

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"omg there's so many moneys!!!!!" narancia said after bruno punched a urinal and gems and jewlery came out. "can i have some??? and buy stuff ??? i wanna buy yeezeys and gucci pants and gucci slides and all of snoop doggs albums and weed and becomr a rapper." narancia said. "no." bruno said. then fugo got a great idea. "hey mista guess what im gonna help u with ur bullet wound." fugo said. "oh thanks fugo chan!!!1" mista said. then fugo got out a stapler and masking tape. "ok bro it's doctor time." fugo said. "oh shit." mista said and was stapled. "stop moaning im trying to staple you together smh sit still." fugo complaned. moista squirmed around like the big squirmy wormy he is and was successfully stapled together with a stapler and masking tape. "i didn't get my doctorate degree in stapling people for nothing." fugo said. "bro that fucking hurt." misya said. "shut the fuck yup and stop complaining or im gonna stab u with stalplees i got from the italian bootlegged brand staples." fugo said. then bruno handed the precious jewels and moneys over to some old dude. "hey bruno waddup my capo bro?" pericolo said. "not much my broski." bruno said giving him a warm hug. "ok im gonna take this moneys and also the boss has orders 4 youse." he said. "nani are they????" bruno asked curiously. "protect the boss's daughter and safely deliver her to him." pericolo said. "where is she?" abbacchio asked. "she's right here." he said. "her name is trish una and she is the boss's daughter shes also a normie 8th grade girl so be careful she'll want to make a tik tok and post pics of herself on instant grahm and snapperchat but don't let her." pericocaine the old mafia dude said. trish walked into the bathroom to change out of the janitor clothes. "yo fugo go in there and watch after her so she doesn't die while getting dressed." bruno said. "ok." fugo said going into the girl's bathroom. "hey are u alive and not dead??" fugo asked trish. "yea im alive." trish responded. "ok good." fugo said and waited for trish to be done in the bathroom. "yo fugo gimme ur coat for a sec." trish said. "why." fugo asked. "just gimme it, swiss cheese boy." trish said. "ok." fugo said and trish wiped her hands that were wet with water and white sticky stuff on fugo's coat. "get my some mineral water from france and buy me the jame charle makeup pallette and thigh high tights and organic vegetables and a big pink vibrating dildo." trish said. fugo got angry and threw his coat on the ground and yelled. "u can use my didlo." narancia said and smiled. trish just looked at narancia and walked away. "ok guys we gotta go hide." single christian antivax mom bruno buccellati said bringing his children gang stars to a grapey boi house in italy.

"kk narancia i think im gonna trust u to get the good stuffs for trish chan." bruno mommy said. "hahaha." abbacchio laughed. "i don't think that is a good idea." fugo said. "no its a horrible idea to let narancian go buy stuff for trish alone." abbacchio lauged. "ok narancia u can drive apparently so let's get this straight. this isn't mario kart and u can't speed. got it?" fugo said. narancia nodded. "ok next, drive around in circles and make a few U turns in the streets to lose anyone who could be following us. got it narancia?" fugo ordered. "yes." narancia said. "ok then repeat everything i just said." fugo said. "uhh." narancia uhh'd. "sTUpiD RETard of coURSE U DIDNt get aNY OF THAT!!!!!!!" fugo yelled and stabbed narancia with a fork. "AAAAAAAHH MOMY BRUNO FUGO STABBED me AGin!!!!!" narancia cried with a fork in his asshole jk not again. "hhhhhh fugo." narancia moaned. "what the fuck stop moaning just leave already." fugo said. "kk." narancia said and left.

naracia drove like he was in mario kart 8 and threw banana peels and turtle shells at people driving on rainbow road. he bought the girl stuff for trish chan and got back in the car. "hmm so u bought girl stuff that means you're guarding the boss's daugheter!!!." some random dude in the back of narancias car said. "wtf get out of my car u must be an enemy stand user!!!1" narancia said. "no just drive bro." enemy stand user said. "who the fcku are you and can i beat the shit out of you???" narancia asked. "im formaggio and im an enemy stand user and im gonna vore u with the help of my stand
「l i t t l e  p e n i s」." formaggio said. "omg so that means i can beat the shit out of you!" narancia said. "no please don't, i have a family." formaggio said with correct punctuation. "no stfu and let me shoot you with my stand,
「h o t w h e e l s ™ a i r p l a n e 」
." narancia said and summoned his airplane stand and started shooting formaggio. "ok bruh im gonna punch u OwU." fourmaggio said and bicth slapped narancia. then he started shrinking but slowly. "he he im gonna vore u." 4maggio said and waited until narancia was super small and he can eat him.

"ok narancia ur small now so that means i can vore u now." voremaggio said. "what is vore???/" narancia asked. "you'll find out in a bit - i'll bet you taste good, like oranges since your name means oragne in italian." vore4maggio said licking his lips like how melone does. "oh no AA bUciarAATII HElp me MOMYy eeeEAeaa." narancia said. voremaggio picked up narancia and put him in his mouth. "mmmm i was right u taste like oranges." 4maggio said and licked and slurped narancia. narancia just screamed but since he was so small he couldn't do much damage with「h o t  w h e e l s ™ a i r p l a n e 」. then voremaggio finally swallowed narancia gosh i hate writing this so much. then narancia shot at all of this guy's internal organs and he died next to a rat because that's what he is. then narancia proceeded to kick and shoot all of the cars on the block. now narancia is big again and a survivor of V O R E . "ah shit now i gotta buy all of that stuff again 😔😔😤😤." narancia said and did the smh emoji thing.

"yo narancia what took so long??" fugo asked pissed off. narancia covered in blood and saliva and clearly has been through a lot said, "i killed a man." narancia said. "that's deep man." fugo said. "were we followed? did you follow directions???" bruno mommy asked. "no we weren't followed. we gucci bro." narancia said. "that's good narancia i knew i could count on you my reliable child uwu." bruno soccer mommy said. "uwu." narancia said and went upstairs to deliver the stuff to trish. "hi trish i got ur stuff." narancia said. "omg that u narancia owo uwu." trish said. "what happened to you narancia are u ok???/ you're all bloody and wet." trish asked. "i just got into a fight with an enemy who wanted to hurt you." nrancia sand. "omg narancia ur so kind and nice i like u more than the other guys they stink and are not cute at all smh." trish said.

guys my sister just griefed my house in minecraft smh

"woah bro. is there anything else you need?" narancia asked. "*sign* i want a veinte starbucks pink drink, an iphone X, scruncies, a metal straw to save the turtles, and macdondalsds." trish said. "ok normie." narancia said and left to tell bruno. "ok i'll go get those things for trish this time because last time u couldn't handle yourself." bruno mommy said. "ok mommy." narancia said and walked away. narancia walked back upstairs to where his bro fugo was but abbacchio was chillin on the stairs. "bro pls move or im gonna step on ur dick." narancia said. abbacchio could not hear because he has airpods in!!! oh no!!! "YO EMO EX COP BIG TITTY GOTH giRLfriend MOVE OFF THE STAIRS OR IM gONNA STEP ON UR Penis." narancia yelled. abbacchio still could not hear so then narancia walked up the stairs and stepped on abbachios dick. "bro wtf was that for my dick hurt now." abbacchio said. "i asked u to move 100 times and u didn't hear me!!!!" narancia siad. "u could've tapped on my shoulder instead of crushing my dick." abbacchio said. "👁👅👁." narancia said and walked off.

"hi fugo im here." narancia said. "oh fuck i didn't expect u to come here at this time!!1" fugo said in just his thong on a bed. "fugo why are u naked???" narancia asked. "im horny naracia. and also high on the good weed" fugo said. "me too lmao bruno gave me some good weed and not the bad drug weed after i got trish her stuff. im like my idol and god snoop dogg now bro." narancia said. "wanna fuck like bros and not gay at all???" fugo asked. "yeah sure." narancia said getting nude. "can u slap my ass for me???" narancia asked. "i can stab u with a fork there tho." fugo suggested. "no thx." narancia said while fugo spanked him. "hhh fugo stop now bruh." narancia said. "ok." fugo said and then they fucked cuz fugo is horny. uwu and dont worry this is not illegal cuz narancia is 17 and not 12!!!

44 minutes later:
"ok guys im back." bruno mommy said. he got everyone starbucks yay and got trish her normie accessories. "thanks buccellati san." trish said slurping her large starbuccs pincc drincc. "ok everyone, family meeting time!!!1" bruno mommy said and called everyone inot the kitchen of the house they stole for a few hours. "ok guys we got new orders from the bossu." mommyy bruno antivax christian mom said. "what are they???" giorno asked. "we gotta get a key at some place its under a mat probably." bruno said. "ok 👌👌." abbacchio said. "i want giorno, fugo, and abbacchio to go to get the key." bruno said. "ew why do i have to go with giorno he drinks piss." abbacchio said. "mmmm pee in my mouth pls ababycchio 👁👄👁." giorno said. "no." abbachcio said. "yo momma i gotta question." narancia said. "what is it my child??" bruno mars buccellati said. "i know this is a dead meme but can we go raid area 51 i want some alien coochie.????" narancia asked. "no. it's too dangerous the american military will shoot all of you and you'll all die and i don't want all of you to die dont ask again or im gonna unzip ur dick and its gonna fall off." bruno momy said seriously. "when ur mom turns a joke into a lecture." abbacchio mocked narancia. "bruh moment." narancia said.

the only reason formaggio lost the fight and died was because his name has the letter 4 in it.

to be continued
<——————— (insert horny song hear)

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