She giggled before grabbing your finger and put it in her mouth. You flinched slightly as she began to suck on your finger. You felt small amounts of power leaving your finger, and the surge beginning to sway. The downside, however, it gave off a feeling that damn near made you pitch a tent. She continued sucking the power out of your finger as you tried to stop yourself from letting out moans. When you finally felt it all go away to a certain point she stopped and looked at you with a blush on her face, giggling.

Akeno "Your so cute when you being pleased, I wonder how you would look like squirming in pain."

Well, not long ago I was so sorry to disappoint. 

She smiled while getting on top of you.

Akeno "Don't you think that it's kind of hot that no matter what we do in here, nobody will know?"

You felt your face began to heat up slightly.

No way, not Akeno now. Cmon, I thought Rias was enough but not her too.

You backed your head up slightly.

I-I mean I guess.

You were shocked at what you just said.

I GUESS!?!? Oh no, I'm starting to turn into fucking Issei. 

Akeno spoke while getting closer to you, you continue to back up.

Akeno "I always wondered what it would be like to be stirred up by a hot younger guy."

She got closer to you, and you had nowhere else to go. Her lips were right in front of yours and you naturally began to move closer. The tent already being pitched, and being massaged by the shorts she was wearing.

"Wanna explain?"

She backed off and you looked to see Rias.

Oh, uh, nothing?

She came over to you and grabbed your cheek, pulling it hard.

Rias "Bad boy!"

I'm not even in your fucking house! Why are you doing this to me?!?!

She let go and looked at you with anger before leaving and slamming the door, Akeno now standing.

Akeno "Aw, she got jealous. Isn't that cute?"

You left, the blades no longer on your arms and you were now standing on the side of the pool. Akeno opened a portal that was about the size of the pool. Water poured through the portal and filled up the pool in almost no time at all.

Where the hell did they get this water from?

Rias "Ok everybody! Feel free to swim to your heart's content!"

God, it's been so long since I've swum like that. I know I can, but it's been so long.

"Y/n what do you think of my swimsuit?"

You looked and saw Rias staring you down.

You look good, it fits you pretty well. 

Akeno "Wow, I can't believe you're letting it eat at you like this Rias."

Rias faced Akeno and they started arguing. You sighed, as hey sometimes they always ended up fighting like this.

"Y/n, what do you think of my swimsuit?"

You looked and saw Asia was wearing a standard school swimsuit with her name on it.

A classic style, kind of like something out of an anime, I love it!

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